General inventory of Mexican railroad employee timetables

As a guide to those interested in the Mexican rail industry and collectors of documents related to the subject, presented here is this Inventario general de horarios de empleados de ferrocarriles mexicanos, a compilation of all Mexican railroad "employee timetables" (a.k.a. "working timetables" that I have been able to identify. I'm aware of the existence, or past existence, of other items not mentioned. It is hoped that users of this inventory will assist in filling the multitudinous blanks, and offer descriptions of additional material, as well as correcting any (hopefully few) errors in the information already compiled. Please direct comments to:

Many thanks to those who have assisted and contributed to this project already, particularly Lowell McManus, Juan Celorio, Sergio Escobar C. and others of Ferroaficionados de México, and the staff of Museo Nacional de Ferrocarriles Mexicanos.

Respondents are encouraged to inform me of any archival collections they may know, to be added to those listed on the "Explanation of fields and codes" page. Private collections will be identified only with the owner's permission.

Paper copies of this inventory will be sent on request, but due to the large number of pages, I must ask for a payment of US$5.00 to cover reproduction and mailing costs.

These pages are best viewed with a screen area of 800 x 600 pixels.

Index to the inventory
Introducción al inventario (español)
Explanation of fields and codes (English)
 Explicación de campos y códigos (español)

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Todd Minsk
Hanover, New Hampshire USA