Robert W. Staiger

International Economics Links




  1. WTO Home Page
  2. ALI Principles of Trade Law: The World Trade Organization
  3. World Bank Home Page
  4. IMF Home Page
  6. Development Gateway
  7. USTR Home Page
  1. The Center for International Data at U.C. Davis
  2. F.R.E.I.T. Resources
  3. U.S. Antidumping Database
  4. Trade Polls
  5. World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)
  6. Temporary Trade Barriers Database
  7. WTO Dispute Settlement Database
  8. WTO Tariff Analysis Online
  9. Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database
  10. Federal Reserve Economic Data

Research Links:

  1. NBER International Trade and Investment Program
  2. NBER International Finance and Macroeconomics Program 
  3. Journal of International Economics
  4. JSTOR
  5. ScienceDirect
  6. Google Scholar
  7. GATT Digital Archive
  8. HeinOnline

General Links: 

  1. International Economic Law and Policy Blog
  2. Peterson Institute for International Economics
  3. Resources for Economists on the Internet
  4. FlightStats
  5. The Quotations Page