Dartmouth College

Department of Chemistry

Russell P. Hughes Publications 1986-1990


63.     R.P. Hughes, J.M.J. Lambert, D.W. Whitman, J.L. Hubbard, W.P. Henry, and A.L. Rheingold,

          Reactions of Cyclopropenyl Cations with Tricarbonylnitrosylferrate(-1),

          Tetracarbonylcobaltate(-1), and Octacarbonyldicobalt.

          Synthesis and Conformational and Configurational Stabilities of

          h3-Cyclopropenyl and h3-Oxocyclobutenyl Complexes of Iron and Cobalt.

          Crystal and Molecular Structure of Fe(h-C3Ph2tBu)(CO)2NO.

          Organometallics, 1986, 5, 789.


64.     R.P. Hughes, J.M.J. Lambert, and J.L. Hubbard,

          Reactions of Cyclopropenyl Iron Complexes with Exogenous Ligands.

          Competition Between Carbonyl Ligand Substitution and Cyclopropenyl Migration to CO

          Followed by Ring Expansion to give h3-Oxocyclobutenyl Ligands.

          Organometallics, 1986, 5, 797.


65.     R.P. Hughes, R.T. Carl, R.C. Hemond, D.E. Samkoff, and A.L. Rheingold,

          Unprecedented Coordination of a Cyclooctatetraene Ligand.

          Synthesis and Crystal and Molecular Structure of


          J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun., 1986, 306.


66.     R.P. Hughes, R.T. Carl, D.E. Samkoff, R.E. Davis, and K.D. Holland,

          Transition Metal Chemistry of Octafluorocyclooctatetraene.

          Synthesis and X-ray Structure of a Novel Five Coordinate cis -Dialkyl Nickel Complex.

          Organometallics, 1986, 5, 1053.


67.     R.C. Hemond, R.P. Hughes, and H.B. Locker,

          Competitive C–H and C–C Activation in the Reaction of

          Pentamethylcyclopentadiene with Decacarbonyldimanganese.

          Organometallics, 1986, 5, 2391.


68.     N.A. Grabowski, R.P. Hughes, B.S. Jaynes, and A.L. Rheingold,

          Stepwise Transition Metal Promoted Ring Expansion Reactions of Vinylcyclopropenes

          to Give Cyclopentadienes and Cyclohexa-2,4-dienones.

          The First Example of a 1-Metallacyclohexadiene Complex,


          J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun., 1986, 1694.


69.     W.P. Henry and R.P. Hughes,

          Organic Synthesis Using Carbon Monoxide.

          Regiospecific Cobalt Mediated Synthesis of 2H-Pyran-2-ones.

          J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1986, 108, 7862.


70.     R. T. Carl, S.J. Doig, W.E. Geiger, R.C. Hemond, R.P. Hughes, R.S. Kelly, and D.E. Samkoff

          Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl Cobalt and Rhodium Complexes of Octafluorocyclooctatetraene.

          Photochemical and Thermal Interconversion of 1,2,5,6-h- and 1,2,3,6-h-C8F8 Isomers.

          Electrochemical and ESR Characterization of the 19–Electron Radical Anion


          Organometallics, 1987, 6, 611.


71.     J.W. Egan, Jr., R.P. Hughes, and A.L. Rheingold,

          Transition Metal Promoted Ring Opening Reactions of Vinylcyclopropenes.

          1,2,3,5-h-Pentadienediyl and 1,5-h-Pentadienediyl [1-Metallacyclohexa-2,4-diene]

          Complexes of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(III) and Their Conversion to

          h5-Cyclopentadienyl(hydrido) Metal Compounds.

          Organometallics, 1987, 6, 1578.


72.     J.J. BelBruno, P.B. Kobsa, R.T. Carl, and R.P. Hughes,

          Competition Between Radiative Pumping and Nonradiative Processes

          in the Multiphoton Dissociation of Organometallic Iron Complexes.

          J. Phys. Chem., 1987, 91, 6168.


73.     R.T. Carl, R.P. Hughes, J.A. Johnson, R.E. Davis, and R. Kashyap,

          Unprecedented Bonding of a Coordinated Polyenyl Ligand.

          Synthesis and Molecular Structures of fac-(Trialkyl)(tricarbonyl)iron Compounds

          Containing the h3-Nonafluorocycloocta-2,5-diene-1,4,7-triyl Ligand and its Derivatives

          J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1987, 109, 6875.


74.     J.J. BelBruno, S.R. Greenfield, R.T. Carl, and R.P. Hughes,

          Competition Among Collisional Deactivation, Ionization, and Dissociation

          in the Multiphoton Excitation of Octafluorocyclooctatetraene.

          J. Phys. Chem., 1988, 92, 2480.


75.     R.C. Hemond and R.P. Hughes,

          The First Transition Metal Complex Containing a Coordinated Vinylcyclopropene

          and its Photochemical Ring Expansion to Give an h4-Cyclobutadiene Ligand.

          J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun., 1988, 319.


76.     R.T. Carl, R.P. Hughes, A.L. Rheingold, T.B. Marder, and N.J. Taylor

          Synthesis, Structures, and Solution Dynamics of Mononuclear and Dinuclear h5–Indenylrhodium

          Complexes of Octafluorocyclooctatetraene. Crystal and Molecular Structures of

          [Rh(h5–C9H7)(1,2,5,6–h–C8F8)], {[Rh(h5–C9H7)]2[m–(1,5,6–h:2–4–h–C8F8)](Rh–Rh)},

          {[Rh(h5–C9H7)]2[m–(1,5,6–h:2–4–h–C8F7H)](Rh–Rh)}, and


          Organometallics, 1988, 7, 1613.


77.     R.T. Carl, R.P. Hughes, and D.E. Samkoff

          Transannular Ring-Closure Reactions of Octafluorocyclooctatetraene

          Coordinated to Cobalt and Rhodium Centers.

          Ligand Induced Formation of h2–Octafluorocycloocta-2,5,7-triene-1,4-diyl and

          h2–Octafluorobicyclo[3.3.0]octa-2,7-diene-4,6-diyl Complexes of Cobalt(III) and Rhodium(III).

          Organometallics, 1988, 7, 1625.


78.     R.C.  Hemond, R. P. Hughes, D. J. Robinson, and A. L. Rheingold

          Activation of a Fluorinated Carbon-Carbon Bond by Oxidative Addition of Tetrafluorocyclopropene

          to Platinum(0).  The First Example of a Perfluorometallacyclobutene.

          Organometallics, 1988, 7, 2239.


79.     R. P. Hughes, J. Robbins, D. J. Robinson, and A. L. Rheingold

          Conformationally Rigid h3-Cyclopropenyl Complexes of Ruthenium(IV).

          Crystal and Molecular Structure of [Ru(h5-C5H5)(h3-C3Ph3)Br2].

          Organometallics, 1988, 7, 2413.


80.     R.P. Hughes and D. J. Robinson,

          Transition Metal Promoted Activation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds.

          A New Synthetic Route to Substituted Ruthenocene Derivatives

          via Ring Expansion Reactions of 3-Vinyl-1-cyclopropenes.

          Organometallics, 1989, 8, 1015.


81.     R.C. Hemond, R.P. Hughes, and A.L. Rheingold,

          Synthesis of h6–Octafluorocyclooctatetraene and h6–Cyclooctatetraene Complexes of

          Manganese(I).  Molecular Structures of [Mn(h5-C5R5)(h6-C8X8)] (R = H, Me; X = F: R = Me; X = H).

          Organometallics, 1989, 8, 1261.


82.     R.P. Hughes, M.E. King, D.J. Robinson, and J.M Spotts

          Stereoselective Oxidative Additions of a Carbon–Carbon s-Bond in

          Tetrafluorocyclopropene to Iridium(I) Complexes.

          J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1989, 111, 8919.


83.     R.T. Carl, E.W. Corcoran Jr, R.P. Hughes, and  D.E. Samkoff

          Nickel, Palladium, and Platinum Complexes Derived From Octafluorocyclooctatetraene.

          Synthesis of 1,2,5,6-h–Octafluorocyclooctatetraene Complexes of Nickel(0) and

          h2–Octafluorobicyclo[3.3.0]octa-2,7-diene-4,6-diyl Complexes of Nickel(II), Palladium(II) and Platinum(II)

          Organometallics, 1990, 9, 838.


84.     R.P. Hughes

          Organo-Transition Metal Compounds Containing Perfluorinated Ligands:

          Adv. Organomet. Chem., 1990, 31, 183.


85.     B.T. Donovan, J.W. Egan, Jr., R.P. Hughes, P.P. Spara, H.A. Trujillo, and A.L. Rheingold

          Reversible Carbon–Carbon Bond Cleavage of a 3-Vinyl–1–Cyclopropene by Rh(I).

          Molecular Structures of Two Sterically Crowded 1,2,3,5–h–Pentadienediyl Complexes of Rhodium(III)

          Isr. J. Chem., 1990, 30, 351.


86.     R.P. Hughes, R.T. Carl, S.J. Doig, R.C. Hemond, D.E. Samkoff, W.L. Smith,

          L.C. Stewart, R.E. Davis, K.D. Holland, P. Dickens, and R.P. Kashyap

          Effect of Polyfluorination on Ring Inversion Barriers for Cyclooctatetraenes.

          Synthesis of Heptafluorocycloocta-1,3,5,7-tetraenyl, Hexafluorocycloocta-1,3,5,7-tetraenediyl,

          Heptafluorotricyclo[,5]octa–3,7–dienyl, and Hexafluorotricyclo[,5]octa–3,7–diendiyl

          Transition Metal Compounds. Crystal and Molecular Structures of

          [Fe(h–C5R5)(h1–Heptafluorocycloocta-1,3,5,7-tetraenyl)(CO)2] {R = H, Me},

          {[Fe(h–C5H5)(CO)2]2(m2–1h,5h–Hexafluorocycloocta-1,3,5,7-tetraenediyl)}, and


          Organometallics, 1990, 9, 2732.


87.     R.P. Hughes, S.J. Doig, R.C. Hemond, W.L. Smith, R.E. Davis, S.M. Gadol, and K.D. Holland

          Synthesis, Structures, and Conformational Dynamics of Dicobalt Complexes Containing the

          Hexafluorodehydrocyclooctatetraene (Hexafluorocycloocta-3,5,7-trien-1-yne) Ligand.

          Crystal and Molecular Structures of [(Co(L)(CO)2)2(m2-1h,2h-C8F6)] {L = CO, PPh3, PPhMe2, PMe3}.

          Organometallics, 1990, 9, 2745.


88.     B.T. Donovan, R.P. Hughes, and H.A. Trujillo

          Mechanism of Rhodium–Promoted Conversion of 3–Vinyl–1–cyclopropenes to 1,3–Cyclopentadienes.

          Stereochemistry of the Carbon–Carbon Bond Forming Step.

          J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1990, 112, 7076.