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Mission and Statements of Principle

We drafted our statements of principle from our Core Values, in an effort to connect those values more closely to our mission and the work that we do for Dartmouth College and its alumni body.

Our mission:

We raise money for Dartmouth and for the priorities set forth by the administration. We actively encourage alumni and friends to invest their personal and financial resources to benefit the education of students and the discovery of knowledge. We continuously balance the College's need for unrestricted support of the operating budget and the need for support of facilities and additions to the endowment.

Statements of Principle:

  1. We recognize that teamwork will provide the most effective means to achieve our mission.
  2. We are flexible in our approach and use sound judgment to adjust our practices as needed to best serve Dartmouth and our donors in a diverse and rapidly changing world.
  3. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate personal service to each of our donors, and treat each constituent with genuine respect.
  4. We continuously seek to balance excellence and accuracy with innovation and efficiency as we pursue our goals.
  5. We take pride in the professional quality of our work.
  6. We believe in using humor appropriately to energize, inspire and encourage.
  7. We seek to use every experience as an opportunity to learn something new and to grow.
  8. We value the talents and contributions of each of our colleagues

Last Updated: 11/19/08