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Glossary of Terms

Abbreviations, Acronyms, Slang, Terms

A&S: Arts and Sciences

AAAS: African and African American Studies

AAm: Afro-American Society

AARC: Affirmative Action Review Committee

ABD: All but dissertation

ADVANCE: Dartmouth's Development & Alumni Relations prospect tracking database (FRIS system prior to July 2001)

AF: Alumni Fund Office (former name‚currently DCF)

AfriCaSO: African and Caribbean Students' Organization

AMBEP: Advanced Minority Business Executive Program (Tuck)

AR: Alumni Relations

ARO: Alumni Records Office

ASC: Agenda Subcommittee (A&S faculty)

BADA: Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association

B&T: Office of Bequests and Trusts (former name‚ currently: GP)

BEMA: Big Empty Meeting Area (wooded area behind Brace Commons)

BUTA: Black Underground Theater and Arts Association

CAC: Campaign Advisory Committee

CAE: Council for Aide to Education

C&S: Casque and Gauntlet (senior society)

CAFA: Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid

CAFR: Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

CAG: Computer Advisory Group

CAL: Center for the Advancement of Learning (formerly: Teaching & Learning Ctr)

CAP: Committee Advisory to the President (A&S faculty)

CARDEX: Vehicle Data about gift planning is stored on

CBC: College Benefits Council

CCAOD: College Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs

CCC: College Copy Center

CDCD: Committee on Diversity and Community at Dartmouth

CEAF: Committee on Educational Affairs and Facilities (Trustee committee)

CEC: Campaign Executive Committee

CECS: Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences

CFSC: Coed, Fraternity, Sorority Council

CG: Capital Giving (former name‚ currently: LGO)

CGF: Committee on Graduate Fellowships (A&S faculty)

CGLBTC: Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered Concerns

CGS: Council on Graduate Studies

CHaD: Children's Hospital at Dartmouth

CIDE: Committee on Institutional Diversity & Equity formerly: World Cultures Initiative Committee)

CIR: Council on Investor Responsibility (Trustee committee)

CLIPP: Computer Learning and Information Processing Program

CLT: Charitable Lead Trust

CoC: Council on Computing

COC: Committee on Chairs (A&S faculty)

COCA: Committee on Off-Campus Activities (A&S faculty)

COF: Committee on Instruction (A&S faculty)

COI: Committee on Instruction (A&S faculty)

CoL: Council on Libraries

COLT: Comparative Literature Program

COP: Committee on Organization and Policy (A&S faculty)

COS: Committee on Standards (undergraduate student discipline)

COSA: Committee on Student Activities (Trustee committee)

COSL: Committee on Student Life (A&S faculty)

COSO: Council on Student Organizations

CPAC: College Priorities Advisory Committee

CPHS: Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

CPMS: College Printing & Mailing Services

CRC: Computer Resource Center

CSA: Council on Sponsored Activities

CSF: Committee on Senior Fellowships (A&S faculty)

CTAP: College Tuition Aid Program

CVI: Corporate & Venture Initiatives (formerly part of two separate offices: F&CR and VI)

The D: Publication: The Dartmouth (daily student newspaper)

D&AA: Development & Alumni Affairs

D&AR: Development & Alumni Relations

DAGLO: Dartmouth Area Gay and Lesbian Organization

DALA: Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni

DAMELL: Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Languages & Literature

DAO: Dartmouth Asian Organization

DAOG: Dartmouth Alumni for Open Governance

DAPAAA: Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association

DARHELP: Dartmouth Computer Help Line

DAR Reporting: Development and Alumni Relations Reporting

DarTalk: Student phone service

DCAC: Dartmouth College Athletic Council

DCAD: Dartmouth College Athletic Department (formerly DCAC)

D-CARE: Dartmouth Center on Addictions, Recovery & Educations

DCF: Dartmouth College Fund (formerly Alumni Fund Office)

DCAL: Dartmouth Center of Advanced Learning

DCCCC: Dartmouth College Child Care Center

DCF: Dartmouth College Fund

DCIS: Dartmouth College Information System

DCMB: Dartmouth College Marching Band

DCREO: Dartmouth College Real Estate

DCS: Dartmouth Community Services (Tucker Foundation programs)

DCSA: Dartmouth College Staff Association

DDAF: Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund

DDRR: Dartmouth Donor Research Report

DDS: Dartmouth Dining Services (formerly DDA - Dartmouth Dining Association)

DEN: Dartmouth Environmental Network, also, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network

DFS: Dartmouth Film Society

D-GALA: Dartmouth Gay and Lesbian Alumni group

DHMC: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Dick's House: Dartmouth Health Services and the infirmary (named in memory of Richard Drew Hall D27)

Ding: Rejection letter, usually for a job or proposed project

DJS: Dartmouth Japanese Society

DLA: Dartmouth Lawyer's Association

DMS: Dartmouth Medical School

DND: Dartmouth Name Directory (database that controls BlitzMail access & many other network services)

DOC: Dartmouth Outing Club (Office of Outdoor Programs)

DOSS: Department of Safety and Security

DPC: Development Planning Committee

DPCS: Dartmouth Partners in Community Service

DPMS: Design, Printing, and Mailing Services

DRO: Donor Relations Office

DSGHP: Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan

DSO: Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

DWI: Dartmouth Women's Initiative

EB: Event Briefing

ECS: Evaluative Clinical Sciences (graduate program)

EHS: Environmental Health and Safety

EO/AA: Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

ESD: Environmental Studies Division, DOC

FAARC: Faculty Affirmative Action Review Committee

FAC: Facilities Advisory Committee

F&CR: Foundation & Corporate Relations (former name‚ currently: FR)

FAS: Financial Accounting System

fMRI: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

FO&M: Facilities Operations and Management (formerly B&G, Buildings and Grounds)

FPB: Facilities Planning Board

FR: Foundation Relations (formerly: F&CR)

FRIS: Fundraising Information System (Development & Alumni Relations prospect tracking database prior to Advance)

FRO: Flexible Retirement Options

FSP: Foreign Study Program

GP: Gift Planning Office (formerly B&T)

GRO: Gift Recording Office

GSC: Graduate Student Council

HB: Hinman Box (on-campus mailing address)

The Hop: Hopkins Center

HRS: Human Resources System (personnel database)

IACUC: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

ICC: Interracial Concerns Committee

IDE: Inside the Dartmouth Experience

IFC: Interfraternity Council (subcouncil of CFSC)

INRES: Information Resources

IOG: Individual & Organizational Giving

IR: Information Resources (Development)

IS: Instructional Services (division of Computing Services)

ISA: International Students Association

I3P: Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

JAR: John A. Rassias Fund

KASA: Korean American Student Association

LACS: Latin American and Caribbean Studies

LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LG: Leadership Giving Office (formerly CG)

Lift Factor: Impact on Reunion giving

LINQ: Letter of Inquiry

LIT: Life Income Trust

LOC: Leave on Own Charges

LRC: Language Resource Center

LSA/FSP: Language Study Abroad/Foreign Study Program

LYBUNT: Last Year But Not This

MALS: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

MBEP: Minority Business Executive Program (Tuck)

MHMH: Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

MILAN: Organization founded by students from the Indian subcontinent

NAAA: Native American Alumni Association

NAD: Native Americans at Dartmouth

NAP: Native American Program

NAS: Native American Studies

NCCC: Norris Cotton Cancer Center

NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NNE: Northern New England

OFDC: Publication: Organization of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dartmouth College

OIS: Office of Instructional Services

OSP: Office of Sponsored Projects

ORC: Publication: Organization, Regulations, and Courses

ORL: Office of Residential Life

PAF: President's Administrative Forum

PCI: Publishing Concepts, Inc. (company publishing Dartmouth alumni Directory)

PEAC: Peer Education Advisory Council

PEC: President's Executive Committee

PG: Principal Giving Office

PLC: President's Leadership Council

PLF: President's Administrative Forum

PM: Prospect Memo

PRIMARY STAFF: Officer with primary responsibility for relationship with donor or prospect (formerly "first staff")

Q-WEEK: Quarterly Education & Assessment Week (within Development)

R&DR: Research & Donor Relations

RAID: Responsible AIDS Information at Dartmouth

REACT: Rape Education Action Committee

RF: Rassias Fund

RFP: Request for Proposal

RWIT: Research, Writing, and Information Technology

SAEN: Student Alcohol Education Network

SAFE: Students Against the Abuse of Food and Exercise

SASH: Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Committee

SCGF: Steering Committee of the General Faculty

SCT: School of Criticism and Theory (A&S program)

SHARE: Sexual Harassment and Rape Education Network

SIS: Student Information System (student database)

SO: Senior Officers

SO Briefs: Briefings prepared for high-level administrators such as the President, the Provost, or a Dean

SOP: Sense of Place (an electronic publication about environmental issues)

SOPES: Strategic Opportunities for Prospect Engagement

SPEC: Student Programming Events Cooperative

SSAARC: Staff and Service Affirmative Action Review Committee

SYBUNT: Some Years But Not This

TAG: Tuck Annual Giving

TEP: Tuck Executive Program

TSAF: Thayer School Annual Fund

TPP: Top Prospect Profile

Ubicomp: Ubiquitous computing, aka pervasive computing

UPNE: University Press of New England

VI: Venture Initiatives (former name‚ currently: CVI)

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol (convergence of computer and telephone)

VOX: Publication: Weekly newspaper with calendar of events

WADs: Wentworth Academic Deans

WAG: Web Access Group

WCIC: World Cultures Initiative Committee (former name‚ currently: CIDE)

WDCR/WFRD: Dartmouth radio stations

WEPAN: Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network

WISP: Women in Science Program (program prefers that the acronym not be used)

WRC: Women's Resource Center

YADA: Young Alumni of Dartmouth

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