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Core Values Training Sessions

In order for core values to be more than just posters on our bulletin boards, we must internalize and practice them. The core values training sessions are the vehicles to help us do that.

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CourseWizard is registration software that allows Development and Alumni Relations employees to register online for Q-week sessions, Advance Training and Core Values sessions.

Diversity Workshop

Objectives: to examine the concepts of stereotyping and making assumptions; to explore the idea of culture; to discuss the issues related to discrimination and bigotry on campus; to explore how diversity on campus enhances the environment and to prepare to integrate the concepts of the program into the campus community.

Feedback Workshop

Objectives: to explore the advantages of receiving and providing feedback; to learn to structure and deliver an effective feedback message.

Professionalism Workshop

Objectives: To gain a shared understanding of professionalism and its importance to our work, to examine current behavior and to develop standards of professionalism.

Teamwork Workshop

Objectives: to clarify why teamwork is important; to identify what has to be in place for teams to be effective; to practice handling the differences and conflicts which are an inevitable part of any team.

Last Updated: 11/19/08