Stereographs from Ostia Antica, Italy, Part II

All images by R.B. Ulrich (2007)
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Images shown are parallel views (left = left eye, right = right eye). Images were shot with paired Sony DSC-V1 cameras and a Lanc Shepherd controller (See my introduction to Stereography). The full-sized views are 1440 pixels wide by 540 high.

Mill and
Forum View
and Columns
Ostia:Guild Hall
A Rostrum

Top Row: Left: mills for grinding flour; middle and right: Mithraem (Mitreo degli Animali, Ostia Reg. IV, ins. 2)
Middle Row: Left: View of the Civic Forum on Ostia from the south. In the foreground are walls belonging to the Temple of Roma and Augustus. The walls of the Capitolium can be seen in the distance. Middle and right: marble column depository (Reg. III, ins. 2, 2). The columns, dating from the fourth century, were stored in the Tempio di Fabri Navales (shipbuilders), across the decumanus from the Schola del Traiano.
Bottom Row: Left: View of a Guild Hall; here the "Caseggiato dei Triclini" in Reg. I, ins. 12, 3. Apparently a guild of builders. The inscription is a dedication to the emperor Septimius Severus. Middle: marble revetments and a basin in the "Ninfeo degli Eroti," Reg. IV, ins. 4, 1, dated to the early fifth century. Right: a marble rostrum (ship's beak used for ramming an enemy vessel) near the Porta Marina from a large mausoleum on the west side of the site (Reg. III, ins. 7, 2).