Stereographs from Ostia Antica, Italy, Part I

All images by R.B. Ulrich (2007)
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Images shown are parallel views (left = left eye, right = right eye). Images were shot with paired Sony DSC-V1 cameras and a Lanc Shepherd controller (See my Introduction to Stereography under the "Projects Tab"). The full-sized views are 1440 pixels wide by 540 high.

Ostia: street scenes:
decumanus and a fountain
Ostia: Forum:
Temple of Roma and Augustus
Necropolis (east)
Ostia: Early Christian
Schola del Traiano
and a Taberna

Top Row: left: Decumanus of Ostia Antica from the west. In the middle ground the remains of the gate of the castrum into the city. Middle and right: a street fountain (reconstructed and named "Fontana a Lucerna."
Second Row: left: View (facing south) of the Temple of Roma and Augustus from the open forum to the north (layout dated to period of Tiberius). Middle: reconstruction of the pediment from the rear of the temple. Right: detail of a pilaster capital from the rear of the temple.
Third Row: Views of tombs from the southern zone along the east extremity of the decumanus.
Fourth Row: Views of the early basilica ("Basilica Cristiana; loc. III,I,4, excavated 1939, dated to the late fourth-fifth century) at Ostia: left: central "nave" of the structure (room "B"). Middle: south nave "E" and entrance to apsidal room "D." Right: view from main "nave," "B" to rooms F, G, and H.
Bottom Row: Left and middle, "Schola del Traiano" (IV,V,15), excavated 1938, including a view of the mosaic floor in hall "P." Right: View of a shop (taberna) in Region IV.
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