Stereographs from the Forum of Caesar, Rome

All images by R.B. Ulrich
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Images shown are parallel views: left is from the left eye, right from the right eye. Images were made with paired Sony DSC V1 digital cameras synchronized by a Lanc Shepherd Pro controller. The full-sized views presented here are 1440 pixels wide by 540 high.

Forum Iulium
general view
Temple of Venus Genetrix
Cornice, podium
Temple of Venus Genetrix
Side stair, facade

For information on how to view parallel digital stereo images see my introduction to stereography. The cornice blocks in the second row (left and center images) lie at the back of the podium of the Temple of Venus Genetrix (late Flavian/early Trajanic in date). The base moldings (right side, second row) are from the back of the temple; the podium's core of concrete and rubble is visible in the background. The gap between the base moldings and the podium was once occupied by ashlar facing stones which have been robbed away.
Bottom row: (left) view of the side stair that leads up to the facade speaker's platform of the temple. The podium wall of reddish Anio tufa is clearly visible. (Center) remains of a low brick wall in front of the podium and a corner base molding, perhaps part of the "Appiades Fountain" that is known from literary references to have stood in front of the temple. A statue base dedicated to the empress Sabina (wife of Hadrian) from the town of Sabratha in north Africa still stands in front of the facade of the temple (northeast corner)and is visible in the center photo in the background and also in close-up view.
Single shots, including plans, of the Forum Iulium and Temple of Venus Genetrix have been posted on a separate page.