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Balloon Campaigns


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Sweden 2006 Balloon Campaign


In June 2006, we will be launching some instruments as a piggyback payload on the Bartol Research Institutes AESOP payload. The payload will be launched from Esrange in Kiruna, Sweden. (Right: Launch of AESOP payload )

Payload was launched June 2, 2006 at 0208Z and terminated on June 7, 2006 at around 0500Z.

Click here to see some preliminary data plots on Michael McCarthy's webpage.

Binary data file from flight.


X-ray Instrument: NaI scintillator detects bremsstrahlung X-rays produced by precipitating electrons. Energy range: 20 keV-4 MeV.

Optical Photometer: PMT with 2.5nm-wide H-beta filter detects photons at 486 nm produced by precipitating protons.

Magnetometer: PNI Corp. DC 3-axis magnetometer measures magnetic field with 1 second time resolution.

Data Acquisition: The Iridium satellite system is used to acquire about five minutes of data out of every hour to check instrument health and identify interesting event periods. Additional housekeeping information acquired by the CSBF science stack and transmitted through TDRSS. All data are recorded on board the CSBF Science Instrument Package (SIP).

Left: Instrumentation

Right: Payload on launch vehicle

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