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Balloon Campaigns


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Photos - Minis 2005 SANAE

Michael Kokorowski, supervises the lowering of the MINIS payload off the base's helicopter landing deck onto the ice below.

This balloon is nearing the end of the fill process.

Michael Kokorowski (UW), John Sample (UCB), and assistants from the South African National Antarctic Program wrestle with a balloon in the wind. At this point, the final tie on points to the balloon are being removed in preparation for launch.

South African Leon Du Plessis counts down the launch of a MINIS Balloon while John Sample, Michael Kokorowski and two helpers prepare to run with the payload.

The balloon begins to rise as campaign members prepare to run with the payload. When the entire balloon is off the ground, the payload needs to be as close to directly under the ascending balloon as possible. Otherwise the payload can pendulum into the ground. The South African Antarctic base is visible on the horizon just under the clouds on the left.

The balloon is about to lift the payload out of the field team's hands as they desperately try to run the payload underneath the ascending gas bag. The balloon is 35m in length and at this point is rising at about 20 m/s. This launch was successful despite winds that rose throughout the launch process.

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