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Photos - Churchill Campaign January 2005

Polar Bear Bars

All windows on the Churchill Northern Studies Centre have bars on the windows to keep researchers in. I mean, polar bears out.

Snow Under the Door

It's so cold in Churchill, even the snow wants to go where it's warm!


A closeup of the instrumentation flying on the payloads. The pink box on the left is the scintilator, the magnotometer is in the bottom centre, duct tape for adhesion, and part of the power supply is shown.

Close up of the Magnetometer

Payload #1

Starting at bottom left, and going clockwise: scintilator, photometer, GPS unit, transponder, power supply and flight computer.

Close up of the payload

'Unit 6' designates the scintilator. Moving right from the scintilator is the electronics box for the scintilator, the columnator tube for the photometer, the GPS unit, transponder, magnetometer.

Team on Balloon Lake

The team on Balloon Lake, our launch location.

Clean up!

Team members Jacqueline Allen and Leslie Woodger clean up after foaming payload #1.

Foam close up

The foam expands into the cracks.

Foam Application Technique Demonstration

Team member Leslie Woodger demonstrates how to foam a payload box.

Almost ready!

Payload #1 after it has been covered with a space blanket.

Sunset Over Balloon Lake

The sun is going down over our launch site, and it's only 3pm! The Churchill Rocket Range launch can be seen above the half trees on the right of the picture.

Setting the camera

Montana State University professor Dr. Dave Klumpar fanagles with his camera on Balloon Lake for a group photo.

Waiting for the group picture

We're moving about in order to stay warm!

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre

As seen from Balloon Lake

All bundled up

Team member Kimberly Cochran poses on Balloon Lake in the appropriate winter gear.

Just the three of us

From left to right: Jacqueline Allen, Dr. David Klumpar, and Kimberly Cochran

Half tree

A look at the trees around Balloon Lake and the Churchill area.

More Sunset

The setting sun was pretty spectacular.

Obligatory Ice Shot

Yes, we really are standing on a frozen lake!

Cracks in the Ice

A look at the cracks in the icesheet.

More cracks

Boot for scale.

A small crevasse?

That's one large break in the ice!

Investigating the surface

Two people are to be holding the 60 pound payload box and running across that ice when we launch! Yikes!

CNSC, revisited

Further out on the lake, but always within sight of the Studies Centre.

Time to head back

Getting a little too cold and dark to stay on the lake.


The snow is rather dry up here....

Churchill Geology

Look, there are rocks out here!

Half Tree

The effects of cold weather.

The Rocket Launch Area

Many rockets were launched from here to study the aurora borealis.

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Complete with drifty snow!

Working on the bottom of the payload

Team members Kimberly Cochran (l) and Jacqueline Allen work on putting the space blanket on the bottom of the payload.

Payload #1: Complete

Once it's all said and done, this is the end result (minus the lid).

The Lid

And this is what the lid looks like.


A pretty pink parachute protects the payloads' plummet.

Suspending the Payload

In order to space blanket the bottom, it must be hung up!


Time to begin space blanketing the bottom!

Fins Up

The fin on the bottom of the payload, which is actually the transponder antenna.

Hard at Work

Werner O. from Scientfic Instrumentation, Limited; is in charge of making sure our payload gets off the ground.

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