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Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program (DTAP)

In light of the uncertainty and risks associated with travel today, Dartmouth advises travelers to prepare in advance for emergencies. To help travelers prepar, Dartmouth has contracted with International SOS.  International SOS (ISOS) provides assistance to travelers and expatriates all over the world and offers travelers the highest possible level of travel, medical, and security advice and services.  Services range from telephone advice, medical referrals, legal aid, to full-scale evacuation by private air ambulance. The ISOS network of 5,000 employees, including multilingual critical care and aero-medical specialists, operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from over 26 ISOS Alarm Call-In Centers around the world.  (
Coverage is automatically provided for all students, faculty, faculty emeriti, staff, and immediate family members and/or companions traveling with you (spouse, dependent children, or life partner), against unexpected difficulties that can arise when traveling. Coverage applies for both business and vacation travel.  (For Dartmouth travelers over 75 years of age, ISOS does not provide for medical evacuation.  However, all other ISOS services do apply.)  While abroad, if an emergency arises, make ISOS your first call.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are circumstances when Dartmouth will not allow or financially support (including ISOS services) travel to specified locations.  To learn more, please fully review Dartmouth's Travel Risk Policy at:

Whenever traveling abroad, you can access up-to-date reports on over 170 countries worldwide. Information found on-line can be as simple as informing you about local water quality to vaccination requirements. The International SOS web site also contains an online Personal Locator form for inputting travel and destination information. It is strongly recommended that all travelers complete this form so that your itinerary and other information can be accessed by International SOS or Dartmouth on-call staff should you need to be located in the event of an emergency.
It is important to understand that International SOS is not a health insurance company.  ISOS will assist you in obtaining the best medical care available locally, or make arrangements for you to return to your home or Dartmouth to receive the appropriate medical attention. International SOS will guarantee and pre-pay all costs associated with your medical care. However, you are ultimately responsible for seeking reimbursement from your health insurance company for any medical expenses incurred.  For those Dartmouth travelers over the age of 75, International SOS only provides security evacuations; it does not provide for medical evacuations.
With the well being of Dartmouth travelers as a top priority, International SOS will provide a seamless integration of emergency services while traveling abroad.  Please contact the Risk and Internal Controls Services Office at (603) 646-2442, or the Off-Campus Programs Office (603) 646-1202, if you have any questions.
For additional information, check the links found below:

The Office of Visa and Immigration Services provides assistance to foreign nationals planning to study and/or work at Dartmouth: 

Also: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - International Travel Clinic. (For an appointment call: 603-650-6060)

Note: For Business Travel Accident Insurance, please consult with Human Resources-Benefits.

September, 2012

Last Updated: 2/5/15