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Insurance Compliance and Certificates of Insurance

Dartmouth College's Minimum Insurance Requirements and Vendor Compliance List 

Vendor Compliance List

Food Provider Compliance List

Activities, Events and Entertainment


Catering and Food Service     


Cleaning and Laundry Services


Communications and Information Technology


Construction and Building Services


Miscellaneous Services, including Product Sales


Pest Control, Waste Management and Abatement


Professional Services and Other Services


Transportation Services


Use of College Facilities




Please review the categories above to determine specific insurance requirements and the most recently published vendor insurance compliance lists.

All contractors, vendors, or other service providers wishing to conduct business with Dartmouth College or provide other services are required to have their own insurance. This insurance is necessary to cover any claims or losses for which the contractor/vendor may be responsible.

The requirements found for each category are indicated as a guideline only.  Additional requirements may be required, depending upon the Office of Risk and Internal Controls investigation and assessed risk to Dartmouth College.  The Insurance Compliance listing does not suggest "approval", only that this organization meets Dartmouth College minimum insurance requirements.

Upon receipt of the Certificate of Insurance by the Department requesting services, please forward a copy to the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services.

Departments utilizing the contractor, vendor, or other services, must request a Certificate of Insurance prior to engaging in services, and/or the start of a contract. A Certificate of Insurance is a standard form issued by an insurance company evidencing the insurance information (limits, type of insurance, policy period) of its policyholder.

Dartmouth College has various insurance requirements specific to the type of contractor or vendor. Those requirements can be determined by checking on the links below. Regardless of the type of contractor, vendor, or service, the following requirements must be met and indicated on the Certificate of Insurance:

  • The Trustees of Dartmouth College are named as an additional insured on the certificate as it pertains to the work done/service provided/product delivered to the College, or property/facility leased from Dartmouth College. (Worker's Compensation insurance is exempt from additional insured status.)  Certificates indicating additional insured stated, BY WRITTEN CONTRACT, are not accepted.
  • Thirty (30) day notice of cancellation or non-renewal of coverage provided to Dartmouth.
  • Such insurance must be primary as to any other valid and collectible insurance.
  • Any liability coverages on a "claims made" basis should be designated on the Certificate.
  • All policies shall evidence insurance written by an insurer licensed to do business in the State of New Hampshire and rated at least an "A" by A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide.
  • To remain in compliance, a renewed Certificate of Insurance should be provided annually.
  • Please instruct the vendor to arrange for automatic renewal certificates to be provided.
  • On rare occasions, exceptions to the limits required are needed. College departments may complete the exception request form and submit to Risk Management.

July, 2013

Last Updated: 7/23/15