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Dartmouth Operations Self-Assessment

Dartmouth Operations Self-Assessment (DOSA)

DOSA is a risk assessment tool for departments, with assistance from Risk and Internal Controls Services, to assess their internal controls and identify areas of risk exposure.  DOSA is available in online survey format and the information is maintained on a Dartmouth server to provide a secure environment for confidential information.

The DOSA process involves two key components:

  • Department staff members play an active role in assessing their internal controls
  • Department staff members are given a tool and guidelines for evaluating best business practices annually

DOSA will provide insight for Internal Controls Services to assess potential risks and develop solutions for departments. The purpose is to ensure accuracy of financial statements; safeguarding of assets; and compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. This self-assessment will not eliminate the need of a formal audit but rather can indicate such need in the future.

There are two versions of the questionnaire:

Risk and Internal Controls Services is available to assist you. For further information, please contact Risk and Internal Controls at 646-2442 or email

Last Updated: 8/12/15