Bringing Together the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Project RightChoice works to lay the foundation for the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow by exposing students to the shortfalls and failures within their communities.  By harnessing the dedication and expertise of our academic and professional advisors, Project RightChoice provides its members with practical business and educational experiences, laying the foundation for life-long personal and professional development.

Believing that “the best learning comes through active experience,” Project RightChoice sets out to face real world challenges and to promote social education through active engagement in the community.  Members

of Project RightChoice set out to develop real programs that achieve real results for real people while developing the kinds of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills that can only come from real life experiences.  Thus, when people choose to support Project RightChoice, they do so knowing that their donation will not only go directly to a worthwhile cause but will also help to train and educate a future generation of leaders through hands on experience.  Students working on Project RightChoice are enabled a learning experience that is preparing them to become the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow.

"The passionate commitment to making the world a better place...
the practical understanding of complex systems required to deliver solutions on a global scale.”

Passion and Practicality

“Either without the other will be inadequate to tackle the challenges we face today.”

- Jim Yong Kim, President of Dartmouth College

Today’s liberal arts education provides students with much more than a broad understanding of the humanities and sciences.  More importantly, a liberal arts education provides students with the analytic, rhetorical, and critical thinking skills to solve the problems that face our generation.  Unfortunately, many students believe that these skills are impractical until they are matched with the technical skills associated with graduate school.  Project RightChoice, however, believes that the years spent in an undergraduate program need not be spent idly.  Active students do not need to wait in line to make a measurable difference in their communities.  The members of Project RightChoice, therefore, put their critical thinking skills to practical use in a completely student-run organization making a tremendous impact in the lives of communities in need.

There is no better place than an undergraduate campus to find able, passionate, and intelligent individuals looking to make a difference in the world around them.  At Project RightChoice, future philosophers and journalists work hand in hand with future doctors and engineers to channel their skills and passions towards making a profound, positive impact in the lives of those around them.

Mailing address:  Hinman Box 6181, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
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