Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1.) Why should I donate to Project RightChoice rather than directly to the benefiting charity?

Beyond simply raising funds and awareness for annually selected charities, Project RightChoice fundamentally sets out to provide its members with the skills and practical experiences needed in today’s ever-changing world.  By harnessing the dedication and expertise of its academic and professional advisors, Project RightChoice works to lay the foundation for the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow by exposing students to the shortfalls and failures within their communities.  The members of Project RightChoice, thus, set out to develop real programs that achieve real results for real people while developing the kinds of teamwork, leadership and communication skills that can only come from real life experiences.  Project RightChoice, thus, affords its members the opportunity to put their critical thinking skills to practical use through the administration of a completely student-run organization.

The benefits of directly supporting Project RightChoice, therefore, are two-fold: support a worthwhile cause now and do it in a way that simultaneously enhances the learning experiences of the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow.

2.) Why does Project RightChoice change its benefiting charity every year?

The members of Project RightChoice recognize the importance of a broad understanding of the shortfalls facing their communities as essential to their future development as caring and motivated citizens.  Thus, Project RightChoice has adopted a unique organizational structure to help facilitate this development.  Each year, the members of Project RightChoice research and investigate various shortfalls and failures within their communities and ultimately elect a single cause and benefiting charity that reflects both their interests and the moral and ethical concerns of the day.  On behalf of the benefiting charity, the members of Project RightChoice design and implement a year-long fundraising and awareness campaign with the goal of making a profound, positive impact in the lives of those around them.

Project RightChoice believes that its mission of supporting leadership development and civic engagement among its membership transcends the individual cause or charity.  Thus, Project RightChoice establishes a framework of social action around which leaders can be built.  By changing the benefiting charity on an annual basis, Project RightChoice affords its members not only the opportunity to become actively engaged in multiple social issues over the course of their four-year undergraduate career but also to continually learn, grow, and develop as motivated and inspired individuals.

3.) How does Project RightChoice choose its annual benefiting charity?

One of the central tenants of the mission of Project RightChoice is to provide its membership with a broad understanding of the shortfalls facing their communities.  As a result, our annual selection process, which is central to our unique organizational structure, motivates the members of Project RightChoice to continually research and investigate the moral and ethical concerns facing their generation.  From the countless deserving charities available, the members of Project RightChoice each elect a cause and benefiting charity that reflects both their interests and the moral and ethical concerns of the day.  With the help of academic and professional advisors, the members of Project RightChoice develop presentations, outline fundraising and awareness goals, and ultimately present their proposals before an audience of their peers.  Following both group and individual proposals the panel and the membership vote on a final selection for the annual “Project.”

The benefiting charity must:


          1.) represent a large population of people in immediate need,

          2.) guarantee that all funds raised on their behalf be restricted to services, rather than operational expenses, and

          3.) possess and demonstrate ethical values in accordance with the requirements and expectations of Project RightChoice.

Once the annual benefiting charity is chosen, the members of Project RightChoice collectively establish clearly defined campaign goals and, based on these goals, develop a yearlong plan to raise both funds and awareness on behalf of the selected charity.  Project RightChoice operates, therefore, on the mutual agreement that, regardless of their individual proposals, all members agree to collectively support the annually selected benefiting charity.  This unique selection process, therefore, motivates our membership to constantly push their boundaries in terms of awareness while simultaneously promoting the development of teamwork, leadership, and communication, laying the foundation for life-long personal and professional development.

Click HERE to read about one member’s experience during the 2011 selection process

4.) Can Project RightChoice accept tax-deductible donations?

Project RightChoice is a completely student-run organization that has been recognized by the Dartmouth Council on Student Organizations (COSO) since February 2011. Under the umbrella of Dartmouth College’s 501(c)3 status, Project RightChoice can issue tax-deductible receipts for all donations.

5.) What does Project RightChoice’s logo stand for?

Project RightChoice’s logo is a raindrop with three ripples.  Below the logo are written three words - Unite. Act. Discover. - which stand for the central tenants of Project RightChoice’s mission: social action, awareness, and personal development.  Here at Project RightChoice, our motto, “Raindrops fill lakes,” has become an important guideline in everything that we do.  We, as the Project RightChoice Team, believe that social progress is nothing more than the sum of individual actions.  It takes the work of many small acts of generosity and kindness to make a measurable difference in the world.  Thus, we believe that by uniting the efforts of caring and motivated individuals, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

We invite you to join us in our efforts.  You too can make a difference, one drop at a time.

6.) Where is Project RightChoice headed as an organization in the future?

Besides guaranteeing that annual fundraising campaigns on behalf of our benefiting charities are successful, Project RightChoice is very excited about continuing to develop our Leadership Initiative.  The sustainability of the organization depends on making sure that the goals of leadership and personal development continue to transcend the individual causes.  As we like to say, Project RightChoice establishes a framework of social action around which leaders are built.  We hope to make a more formal use of the valuable resources that our academic and professional advisors offer us.  It is also interesting to point out that Dartmouth College currently does not have an undergraduate organization that is fundamentally oriented towards leadership development.  As the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth likes to says, “If you are committed to being a leader, we are committed to helping you get there.”  We hope to continue to develop this framework based on service-learning and leadership development through social action.

Mailing address:  Hinman Box 6181, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755