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October, 2004
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Today - June 2008
Dear Friends and Family,
As most of you know, Angela was born with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy-13. According to the doctors, her life expectancy is "weeks, not months, not years." After being born at home and then taken to DHMC upon discovery of birth anomalies, Melinda and I decided to bring her home again to make the most of her days in this peaceful setting surrounded by friends and family. We are giving all the comfort and joy that we can to Angela and consider every day she is still with us a gift. Thank you to all who have been so giving of gifts, time, food, sympathy, prayers and love. It means a lot to our family. I will periodically update this site with additional information and pictures. Again Thank You all.

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Angela Updates

Update 06/05/2007 - After a long absence, I am going to try to provide brief updates to Angela's condition. Angela is doing well. Pretty healthy except for chronic ear infections. She has recently learned to sit up and, more importantly, to crawl! Just in the last few weeks she has begun crawling.