Interactive Math Programs

These programs are designed to be used with Multivariable Mathematics by R.E. Williamson and H.F. Trotter, and Introduction to Differential Equations by Richard E. Williamson, but are quite generally useful for illustrating concepts in the areas covered by the texts. So have fun, experiment with different values, and let us know if you have any trouble.

These programs were originally written in True Basic for the Macintosh by Richard Williamson. The translation into Java and the writing of a recursive descent equation parser was done by Scott Rankin and Susan Schwarz. 

The programs are java applets tested on Macintosh computers running OS 10 using Netscape v7 and Internet Explorer v5.2, and on computers  running Windows 2000 and XP  using Netscape v7 and Internet Explorer v6. The applets will run on Macintosh computers running OS 9 using Netscape 7 but not Internet Explorer.

To run one of the programs in the list below, just click on its  name. Each program displays a brief explanation of how to use it. If you run into difficulties, here are more detailed instructions on running the applets.  The first time you try any of the  programs you may want to look at the link anyway. If you do not see the buttons that are used to run the program, you may need to scroll down in the browser window until the buttons are visible.

Multivariable Calculus

First Order Equations

Second Order Equations

Higher Dimensional Systems

Partial Differential Equations

List of the features of the equation parser

For more information, please contact Professor Richard Williamson, or for problems with the applets, Susan Schwarz

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