Eruption! is a web-based simulation of a twenty-five  day period of volcanic activity leading up to a volcanic crisis, a situation in which lives are endangered.  The immediate goal of the simulation is to highlight the hazards associated with volcanic eruptions and the tools and techniques used in eruption prediction. 

The simulated volcanic activity is based upon our current understanding of what occurs within a volcano before and during an eruption. As magma moves toward the surface of the earth within a volcano, changes occur at the surface.  Different types of equipment are available for gathering data to help you monitor the volcanic activity.  Use the Equipment link for more information on the available instruments.  

Your task is to monitor the volcano, interpret the data, and, if needed, act to protect the community.  The more you understand the data, the better you will be able to effectively manage the crisis by saving as many lives as possible while keeping costs to a minimum.


A project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation Human and Social Dynamics Program