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Information on this website is posted for historical reference only. Please visit the Office of the Registrar for current requirements.


Chair: Hermes H. Yeh

Professors D. Bartlett Jr., R. A. Darnall (Pediatrics and Physiology), J. A. Daubenspeck (Physiology and Biomedical Engineering), G. Fejes-Toth, V. A. Galton, P. M. Guyre, L. P. Henderson (Physiology and Biochemistry), J. C. Leiter (Physiology and Medicine), H. L. Manning (Medicine and Physiology), R. A. Maue (Physiology and Biochemistry), A. Naray-Fejes-Toth, E. E. Nattie, W. G. North, D. L. St. Germain (Medicine and Physiology), B. A. Stanton, H. M. Swartz (Radiology, Physiology and Community and Family Medicine), C. R. Wira, H. H. Yeh; Visiting Professor A. Katz (Medicine and Physiology); Associate Professor R. B. Robey; Assistant Professor A. Gulledge; Research Associate Professors J. E. Bodwell, A.; Research Assistant Professors J.V. Fahey, A. Li, P. A. Pioli, L. A. Sheldon.

The Molecular, Cellular and Systems* Physiology Graduate Program is centered in the Physiology Department of Dartmouth Medical School, which is located in the Borwell Building at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. It includes faculty from other departments in the Medical School. The courses listed below are designed for graduate students.

*As of the 2007-2008 academic year the MCSP program has merged with the new Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine, and students are doing their thesis research.


To qualify for award of the Ph.D. degree, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The Medical Physiology courses (Physiology 110 and 120) plus an additional section in Gastro-Intestinal Physiology.

2. Two terms of Biochemistry.

3. The Medical Neuroscience course.

4. The Critical Reading of Scientific Literature course.

5. A course on Scientific Ethics.

6. Three research rotations.

7. Two Advanced Physiology courses.

8. Two elective courses, which may be either a core course or an advanced course offered by either Physiology or another department.

9. Thesis research propositional examination.

10. Laboratory research leading to the preparation of a thesis.

11. Defense of the thesis.