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Information on this website is posted for historical reference only. Please visit the Office of the Registrar for current requirements.

Mathematics and Social Sciences

Professors H. S. Alverson (Anthropology), J. L. Campbell (Sociology), T. H. Cormen (Computer Science), E. Demidenko (Medical School), B. Duncan (German), A. J. Friedland (Environmental Studies), D. P. Lacy (Government), J. H. Levine (Mathematics and Social Sciences), D. Rockmore (Mathematics, Computer Science), B. I. Sacerdote (Economics), C. M. Snyder (Economics); Associate Professors P. C. Christesen (Classics), E. V. Edmonds (Economics), K. A. Korey (Anthropology), S. D. Pauls (Mathematics), L. Polansky (Music). S. W. Smith (Computer Science); Assistant Professors S. R. Craig (Anthropology), S. D. Dobson (Anthropology); Senior Lecturer J. F. Pfister (Psychological and Brain Sciences); Professors Emeriti R. D. Masters (Government), R. Z. Norman (Mathematics and Social Sciences), Visiting Scholar G. Leibon (Mathematics).

Mathematics and Social Sciences (MSS) is an undergraduate honors major combining mathematical training with one or more of the social sciences. From the social sciences, MSS is for students interested in Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Political Science, or Sociology, as a quantitative science. From mathematics, MSS is for students interested in statistics, data analysis, mathematics, or computer sciences directed toward application in social science.


Prerequisite: Honors standing and Mathematics 13 (or, with permission, Mathematics 3 and 6 or equivalent), plus introductory work in several social sciences; or permission.

Minimum Requirements: 1) Four (non-introductory) courses in Mathematics or Computer Science, including Mathematics 36; 2) Four (non-introductory) courses in one social science area. The four courses should form a coherent whole, although they need not fall within the same social science department; 3) Two additional courses, including one or more of the courses offered by the Program, to be approved by the Program committee; 4) Completion of a senior thesis, which may be done under the course Topics in Mathematics and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Social Sciences 88.

Where needed topics are not available in the existing curriculum, students may petition for special study under Mathematics and Social Sciences 88. Mathematics and Social Sciences 88 may be taken for credit more than once.

For further details, consult the Program Chair.