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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Associated faculty: S. Ackerman (Religion, Women’s and Gender Studies), C. G. Boggs (English, Women’s and Gender Studies), S. J. Brison (Philosophy), M. A. Bronski (Women’s and Gender Studies), A. A. Coly (African and African American Studies, Comparative Literature), K. Conley (French and Italian), M. Desjardins (Film Studies), M. R. Dietrich (Biological Sciences), V. Fuechtner (German), M. R. Graver (Classics), K. J. Jewell (French and Italian), G. Munafo (Women’s and Gender Studies). A. Orleck (History), U. Rainer (German), I. Reyes (Spanish and Portuguese), I. T. Schweitzer (English, Women’s and Gender Studies), B. R. Silver (English), S. Swayne (Music), P. W. Travis (English), B. E. Will (English), M. Williamson (Classics), M. F. Zeiger (English).

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies examines the lives, experi-ences, and representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, studying in historical, contemporary, and theoretical contexts LGBT communities, institutions, politics, languages, art, literature, and relationships to heterosexual norms. Drawing upon interdisciplinary and multicultural resources, LGBT Studies analyzes sexuality and sexual identity as complex social and historical phenomena. Up-do-date listings for LGBT courses can be found under Women’s and Gender Studies. Related courses and frequently cross-listed with WGST, and may be found in other departments and programs, such as:

African and African American Studies 40: Gender Identities and Politics in Africa

Anthropology 31: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Art History 16/80: Sex, Gender, and Identity in the Arts of the Ancient World

Classics 10/80: Platonic Love in its Cultural Context

College Course 4: Virtual Gender: Popular Culture and the Construction of Gender

College Course 5, 12: Inside Out: Prison, Women and Performance

College Course 8: Sexuality and Science

College Course 10: The Performative Body: Culture, Queerness, and the Limits of Genre

Comparative Literature 67: Colonial and Post-Colonial Masculinities

English 62: Gender and Cyberculture

English 72: Whitman and Dickenson

English 73: The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop

Film and Media Studies 41: Men to Boys: Masculinities and Film

Film and Media Studies Studies 47: Women in the Film Industry

Film and Media Studies 47: How Hollywood Films Shaped Post World War LGBT Politics

French 45: Masculinity/Femininity

German 42: Gender and Sexuality in 1920’s Berlin

History 6: Gender and Sexuality: Asians in America

Jewish Studies 52: Judaism, Sexuality, and Queerness

Latin American and Caribbean Studies 54: Latina Feminism: Acts of Intervention

Religion 31: Sex, Celibacy, and the Problem of Purity

Religion 80: The Bible, Sex, and Sexuality

Women’s and Gender Studies 18: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies 19.1: Queer Marriage, Hate Crimes, and Will and Grace: Contemporary Issues in LGBT Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies 19.2: Sexuality, Identity, and Legal Theory

Women’s and Gender Studies 20: Queer Poetries

Women’s and Gender Studies 21.2: Fictions of Sappho

Women’s and Gender Studies 31.2: Power to the People: Black Power, Radical Feminism and Gay Liberation

Women’s and Gender Studies 33.3: Gender and Judaism

Women’s and Gender Studies 34.3: The Masculine Mystique

Women’s and Gender Studies 35.2: Gender Blending: Motifs of Androgyny

Women’s and Gender Studies 53.3: He, She, or It: Reconstructing Gender in Science Fiction

Women’s and Gender Studies 53.4: Woolfenstein

Women’s and Gender Studies 56.1: Television and Histories of Gender

Women’s and Gender Studies 56.2: Beatniks, Hot Rods, and the Feminine Mystique: Sex and Gender in 1950’s Hollywood Films

Women’s and Gender Studies 56.7: From Fanny to the Nanny: Jewish Women and Humor

Women’s and Gender Studies 61.1: Reproductive Rights and Technologies

Women’s and Gender Studies 61.2: Plagues and Politics: The Impact of AIDS on U. S. Society

Women’s and Gender Studies 65.3: Queers, Queens, and Questionable Women: How Hollywood Films Shaped Post WWII LGBT Politics

Women’s and Gender Studies 66.1: Sexuality and Science

Women’s and Gender Studies 67.1: Freud, Psychoanalysis, Jews and Gender