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Information on this website is posted for historical reference only. Please visit the Office of the Registrar for current requirements.

Jewish Studies

Chair: Annelise Orleck

Professors S. Ackerman (Religion), H. M. Ermarth (History), L. H. Glinert (AMELL), R. M. Green (Religion), S. Heschel (Religion), I. Kacandes (German), L. D. Kritzman (French), T. H. Luxon (English), P. M. McKee (English), A. Orleck (History), B. P. Scherr (Russian), I. T. Schweitzer (English); Associate Professors E. Z. Benor (Religion), V. Fuechtner (German), M. F. Zeiger (English); Assistant Professor A. Merino (Spanish and Portuguese); Senior Lecturers M. A. Bronski (Women’s and Gender Studies), S. E. Kangas (Art History), B. S. Kreiger (English); Lecturer K. F. Milich (Liberal Studies); Visiting Brownstone Professor J. E. Wright; Visiting Brownstone Associate Professor C. B. Bardenstein; Adjunct Professor A. Lelchuk (Liberal Studies); Adjunct Assistant Professor M. B. Brown.

The Jewish Studies Program serves to provide a multi-disciplinary focal point for the various courses in Jewish history, religion, literature, and culture that are given at Dartmouth as well as to sponsor special course offerings (including those by the annual Brownstone Visiting Professor) and a variety of academic activities related to the discipline. The program currently offers a minor.


The minor is designed to offer a general introduction to the historical and cultural experience of Jews throughout the world, and to Jewish thought, literature, and contemporary political and social issues. At the same time, it provides the opportunity for students who wish to do more intensive work in a single discipline. Those completing the minor are encouraged, but not required, to obtain at least a working knowledge of Hebrew (Hebrew 3, or equivalent).

Requirements: A total of six courses, which must include:

Two Introductory courses

Jewish Studies 4/Religion 4, Religion of Israel: The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), or Jewish Studies 6/Religion 6, Introduction to Judaism


Jewish Studies 10/History 94.8, History and Culture of the Jews I: The Classical Period or Jewish Studies 11/History 94.9, History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period

One course in the Literature, Language and Culture of the Jewish People

Three courses chosen from the other course offerings in the program, selected in consultation with the advisor.