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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
Fax: (603) 646-2247
Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU

Official Transcript - Expedited Shipping Instructions

Step 1

Go to the UPS website, select your country (1), and then "Create a Shipment." (2)

UPS Step 1


Step 2

Enter the destination information in box 1, and Dartmouth's information in box 2. Our address information:

Office of the Registrar (Company or Name)
Dartmouth College (Address Line 1)
6014 McNutt Hall, Room 105 (Address Line 2)
Hanover, NH 03755

Please enter your name on the "Contact" line in Box 2 ("Dartmouth's Information"). This will allow us to match your label to your transcript.

UPS Step 3


Step 3

Select "UPS Letter" as the Packaging Type in box 3; select your service type (2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, etc.) in box 4; reference numbers (box 5) are optional; and enter your payment information in box 6. Please do *not* schedule a pickup - we have pickups with UPS daily.

UPS Step 4


Step 4

Complete your shipment order, confirm the information, and save or print the air bill/shipping label that is generated. We will take faxes, JPGs, PNGs, or PDFs. If faxing us the label, our fax number is 603-646-2247.

Last Updated: 11/25/14