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ORC/Catalog Reference Guides


Frequently asked questions about the online ORC/Catalog.

MyCatalog Guide (PDF)

How to use the MyCatalog tool in the online ORC/Catalog.

Modifying Links to the ORC/Catalog

Instructions for updating links from other sites to the ORC/Catalog.


Course Information Tools

A guide for what information to enter in what course information entry tool.


Guides for Editors and Reviewers


Style Guides


Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dartmouth have a print ORC/Catalog?

While there is no central printing of the ORC/Catalog, the new 2013-14 online ORC is printable by anyone at any time.

How do I print the ORC/Catalog?

  • If you would like to print a single page:
    • On the top right of each page of the ORC/Catalog, under "MyCatalog" there is a "print this page" button, select that and your single page will print.
  • If you would like to print selected pages or the entire ORC:
    • On the left side of the ORC/Catalog select "Printable Version" to bring you to a PDF of the 2013 ORC where you may print the entire document or just the pages that you need by navigating through the PDF.
  • NOTE:  if you have access to the SmartCatalog system, see also the Guide for "Printing the Catalog using the SmartCatalog system."

Are there tools to assist with locating content?

Yes.  An ORC/Catalog Site Map is on the first page and a Table of Contents and an Index may be found in the "Printable Version" within the 2013 ORC/Catalog PDF.

What is MyCatalog?

MyCatalog is a tool available to anyone with internet access.  It allows you to save links to specific pages of the ORC/Catalog in one space, for easy access.  These links can be arranged in folders which then, if you wish, can be emailed to friends, advisors/advisees, professors, family, etc. Anyone may create their own account. For more information about MyCatalog, see the MyCatalog Guide. Try it out!

Last Updated: 12/16/15