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DegreeWorks Guide: Using DegreeWorks

Degree Audit Worksheet

Navigation links are located at the top of the Degree Audit

•    Back to BannerStudent – leaves DegreeWorks and takes you back to BannerStudent
•    FAQ – links to a list of Frequently Asked Questions about DegreeWorks
•    Help – Links to help for the page you are on
•    Print – Prints the current page


Immediately following the Navigation Links is a row of Student Information. The following fields make up the Student Information:

•    Student ID contains the student’s Dartmouth ID
•    Name contains the student’s name in the format Last, First Middle
•    Degree indicates the student’s degree program (AB)
•    Major shows the student's first major
•    Level lists the student's degree level (UG)
•    Student Class Level shows the student’s classification (First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
•    Last Audit shows the most recent date an audit was run

Immediately following the Student Information is the Degree Audit itself

Worksheets tab use this tab to view a student's degree audit

Format field has a drop down menu for choosing an audit view:

Degree Audit this is the default format and shows the full audit of the academic history for the student. This view is not recommend for printing but can be saved as a PDF file if needed.  

Registration Checklist is a quick guide for students to view their unmet requirements. This view is recommended to be printed and brought to an advising session.  After choosing the checklist in the drop down menu, click the View button.

Save as PDF button use to print or save your degree audit in a PDF format. You may save the degree audit view, registration checklist, and the class history view as a PDF.  When you click this button, a new window will open.  Your audit will convert into PDF format—this can take 30 seconds to a minute so please be patient.  Once the degree audit opens in a new window, you can use the printer, save, or email.

Process New the process new tab is used to activate changes that have been made to the audit.  This tab may not be present on your screen depending upon your User Class level.

Class History provides a view of taken and registered courses.  On the worksheet tab click on Class History and a listing of these courses will be generated.  This is NOT an official transcript.

Legend this is a list of the symbols used in the degree audit.  The Legend is located on both the top and bottom of the audit.

Degree Audit Block/Student Information this block provides student information and varies depending on which Degree the student is pursuing. For Undergraduates, this information includes:

Student                               Last, First Name,
ID                                       Student Dartmouth ID
Classification                        First-year, sophomore, junior, senior
Advisors                              Not currently tracked in Banner or DegreeWorks
Overall GPA                         Cumulative GPA rounded to 3 decimal places
Expected Graduation Term    Term the student is expected to graduate

Level                                   Degree Level UG = Undergraduate
Degree                                Bachelor of Arts
College                                Class year
Major                                  Declared Major(s)
Modified Major                     For modified majors, this is the modifier
Minor                                  Declared Minor(s)

The Degree Audit Requirement blocks

These sections of the audit contains categorical blocks of information concerning degree requirements.  These blocks allows a student to verify their catalog year, credits required, credits applied, progress towards a degree, and the overall requirements for completing the degree the student is seeking.

Degree Audit block

•    This block is a summary of checkboxes that represent fulfillment of each requirement block listed on the degree audit.  Although the minor block is not listed in this section because a minor is not a graduation requirement a student seeking a minor will have a minor block included on their audit after the degree block.
•    When all the requirements in a specific block are fulfilled, the box next to the heading or title for the block is checked off.
•    The header for this block includes the degree type, student's catalog year, the minimum number of credits required to earn the degree, and the current number of credits applied.
•    Students may not see all the blocks on their audit because of the limited number of completed courses.  As a student progresses through the requirements additional blocks will be seen on the audit.

Prematriculation Credits and Exemptions block this block provides information about credits and exemptions earned by a student prior to enrolling at Dartmouth College.  Examples include credits and exemptions based on a student's standardized test scores (Scholastic Assessment and Subject Tests, AP exams, British A-Levels, International Baccalaureate), local placement tests, and college transcripts.  Prematriculation credit is indicated with a grade of CR and an exemption is indicated with a grade of EX on the degree audit.

•    A credit reduces the number of courses that you need to graduate from Dartmouth (ordinarily 35).  
•    An exemption enables a student to skip over introductory courses and take more difficult courses appropriate to your level of preparation
•    Pre-matriculation credit may not be used to fulfill any of the General Education (Distributive or World Culture) requirements, with the exception of all or part of the language requirement.

Specific Course Requirement block lists the courses taken to meet Writing 2-3 or Writing 5, First-Year Seminar, and Foreign Language requirements.

Physical Education Requirement block shows the courses taken to fulfill the physical education requirements and indicates whether the swim test is complete.  Each student is required to pass three PE classes and a swim test.  A checkmark will not be given for the swim test until all three PE courses have been passed even though the swim test may be completed.  If a student takes PE courses beyond the three classes required they will be listed in the "Additional Courses" block.

Distributive Requirement block each student must take and pass ten courses to complete the distributive requirement.  This block lists the course(s) taken to complete the requirement.

World Culture Requirement block each student must take and pass one course in each of three areas: Western Cultures (WC), Non-Western Cultures (NW), and Culture and Identity (CI).  This block lists the course taken to fulfill this requirement.

Major block lists the chosen major in the block header.  If a student has not declared a major, "Undeclared" will appear in the header.   Requirements for undergraduate majors are not available in the audit at this time.  Please check with your major department or program concerning the requirements for the major.  If a student has chosen more than one major additional major blocks will be included on the audit.  Courses taken towards a major are tracked by viewing them in the "Additional Courses" block.

Minor block indicates the chosen minor in the block header.  If a student has not declared a minor, this block will not be included on the audit.  Requirements for minors are not available in the audit at this time.  Please check with your minor department or program concerning the requirements for the minor.  If a student has declared more than one minor additional minor blocks will be shown on the degree audit.  Courses taken towards a major are tracked by viewing them in the "Additional Courses" block.

Additional Courses block contains a list of courses taken or that are in progress that are not used to fulfill a general education requirement , or a course that fulfills a requirement for a major or minor, or an elective course.

Insufficient block   a list of courses that do not meet requirements listed in other blocks.

In-Progress block provides a list of courses that have not yet received grades.  Typically, it is a list of courses the student is registered for in the current term and/or in a future term.

Last Updated: 4/1/13