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How to Reinstate a Course with No Change (RNC)

Reinstate No Change (RNC) is a DCARS tool to add previously-offered courses to Sitecore that are not in the current year's issue of the ORC/Catalog but that you wish to "reinstate" for the next year's ORC/Catalog.  Provided there are no changes (including changes in distributives, title, description, etc.) use RNC to quickly progress the unchanged course through DCARS without multiple approvals necessary. If you wish to make any updates, the course must go through DCARS as an "update course" proposal.

Step 1: Select “RNC” from the DCARS dashboard.

 Step 1


Step 2: Choose the “Next Term To Be Offered”. Click “Save” after the term to be offered has been selected.   If you need to make additional edits, click “Cancel” and use “Update Course” from the DCARS dashboard.

Note: The next term to be offered is used for DCARS reporting purposes only. This does not update the term in the ORC/Catalog or Banner.

 Step 2


Step 3: Review the course before you “Send to Registrar”. 

Note: 'Edit Proposal' will allow you to edit only the “Next Term To Be Offered”. If the course needs other edits click "Cancel" and submit an “update course” proposal through DCARS.

 Step 3


Step 4: Check your dashboard for a status update.  The Registrar’s office will review your course and send to Sitecore. Until approved, the proposal will have a status of “Under Review by Registrar”. After Registrar approval, the course will move to the "Archived Proposals" dashboard.  Within a few days of approval, your course will appear in Sitecore for you to review and update any editable fields in Sitecore.


Step 4

Last Updated: 11/2/15