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DCARS Guide - Cross Listing Courses

Log into DCARS by going to your Faculty and Advisor Menu or Administrator Menu on BannerStudent for Faculty and selecting the DCARS (Dartmouth Course Approval Routing System) menu item. You can also access the DCARS dashboard by clicking the link provided in DCARS e-mail notifications sent at each step of the course approval routing process.

DCARS allows department/program administrators and faculty to submit cross list proposals to the Chair of their department/program.

This guide will lead you through the steps for submitting new cross list proposals.

Step 1: Click the "Cross Listing" tab.

Cross List button

Step 2: Select the subject code and type first course  to be cross listed. Click "Continue."

Cross List subject code

Step 3: Select the faculty submitter and term first offered. Click "Save"

cross list course

Step 4: Click the "New Cross List" tab to add other courses to be cross-listed with the course you just entered.

New Cross List

Step 5: DCARS will verify if the courses you want to cross list are approved and in Banner. If these two conditions are met, the subject code and course number will show a green check mark; if these conditions are not met, they will show in red and cannot be added. Click the "Cross List" button.

Cross List Verify

Step 6: A summary of the cross listed courses will appear. If the information is correct, click the "Send to Chair" tab.

Cross List Send to Chair

The Cross List Proposal will now progress to the next stage of review. See the DCARS Course Approval Flow for a detailed view of cross list approvals.

Last Updated: 4/9/15