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DCARS Guide: Chair

Log into the DCARS dashboard by going to your Faculty and Advisor Menu on BannerStudent for Faculty and selecting the DCARS (Dartmouth Course Approval and Routing System) menu item. You can also access the DCARS dashboard by clicking the link provided in DCARS e-mail notifications sent at each step of the course approval routing process.

Chairs review new or updated course proposals submitted by faculty in their department/program. Please refer to the Faculty and Admin Users DCARS Guide for more information.

This guide will lead you through the steps for approving, denying, or returning both new course proposals and updated course proposals for your department/program.

Step 1: Click the title of the course you want to review under the "Proposals Needing Action" section to open the course proposal summary page.

 Proposals Needing Action

Step 2: After reviewing the course proposal summary page, the Chair can take the following actions: 

  • Return For Revision - Sends the course proposal back to the faculty member who submitted the course for further editing. The faculty member can re-submit the course to the Chair for further review.


  • Deny - Notifies the faculty member who submitted the course that it has been denied and the proposal cannot be modified and resubmitted.


  • Send To Divisional Council or Associate Dean - Approves the course proposal and sends it to the appropriate Associate Dean or Divisional Council for review.


  • The Chair may add comments to their approval in a popup text box. The content in the comments box will be display on the e-mails as well as dashboards:

 Send to Associate Dean


The course will now progress to the next stage of review, see the DCARS Course Approval Flow for a detailed view of course approvals.

Last Updated: 9/14/15