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DCARS Guides and Overview

DCARS - Dartmouth Course Approval Routing System is an online tool used both to propose new and update existing courses according to Dartmouth's governance structure. See the DCARS Course Approval Flow for reference. Users can see exactly where proposals and updates are in the process, and upon final approval, DCARS writes the new information directly into Banner where it will be available in the Timetable, and ORC/Catalog. New course information is also listed in a separate publication, the ORC/Catalog New Course Supplement. DCARS is a critical component of Dartmouth's course information flow system.

How DCARS Works

DCARS is an automated workflow system, which means that as proposals are submitted and approved, the people/roles whose review/approval are next required are notified via email.  Each step can also be monitored on a Dashboard. The system allows for proposals to be returned for modifications and then resubmitted once the modifications are made. 

Use DCARS to propose a new course or special topics course. Also use DCARS to update a course, for example to change the course title, description, distributives and/or world culture requirements. Finally, use DCARS to cross-list courses. 

DCARS will not support every type of curricular change or all types of courses. For example the process for making certain curricular changes such as the renumbering of multiple courses in a department or program at one time, changes in requirements for an FSP/LSA, and changes in requirements for the major or minor, remain as usual. Graduate courses, first-year seminars, and courses with an off-campus component should be submitted following the usual process to the appropriate entity since each of these has a unique routing/approval system.

DCARS Guides

Faculty/Administrator Guide

Chair Guide

Cross Listing Courses Guide

Course Information Tools


Last Updated: 10/31/17