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Course Registration Reference Guide: Entering Students

Click here for a downloadable Quick Reference Guide.


New students register for courses at Dartmouth as follows:

  • meet with your advisor to discuss course requirements and choices on the designated day
  • elect your preferred courses using BannerStudent by 6 p.m.
  • view the results of the election processing on your schedule using BannerStudent after 8 p.m.
  • make changes online if desired during course changes, beginning the following morning at 8 a.m.

For entering students, course registration includes a Course Election period of one day and a Course Changes period of one day, open to entering students ONLY. All students may add and drop courses beginning at 8am on Monday, September 12th, through midnight on Sunday, September 25th.

  • Course Election - when you choose your preferred courses - occurs on Friday, Sept. 9th from 8:00am - 6:00pm. Please consult your academic advisor to assist with course decisions. You may make changes at any point during the day as long as you submit changes by 6:00pm. Between 6pm-8pm, the registration system will enroll you based on course limits and availability. Results available to view online after 8:00pm on Friday, Sept. 9th.
  • Course Changes - when you make adjustments to your schedule based on the registration results - occurs on Saturday, Sept. 10th from 8:00am to Sunday, Sept. 11th at 6:00pm. Course Changes are open to entering students ONLY.
  • Add/Drop - when you make further adjustments to your schedule. Open to all students between Monday, Sept. 12th at 8:00am and Sunday, September 25th at midnight.

Frequently Asked Questions about Course Election and Registration

Registration Schedule for Entering Students

2016 Fall Entering Student Course Registration Timeline


All course registration takes place using BannerStudent.

The Timetable contains the most up-to-date course information. Use the Timetable with the ORC to determine which courses to elect. As you progress with your academic career, you will also have an online personalized Degree Audit to assist you in knowing which courses and degree requirements you have fulfilled. You should work with your academic advisor to determine your schedule.


Permissions may be required to gain entry into a course and are granted by the instructor or his/her proxy electronically using BannerStudent. If you are seeking a permission to enroll in a course, you need to contact the faculty or department/program administrator to issue the permission. After the permission has been applied, an email will be sent to you indicating that you can now add this course to your schedule using BannerStudent.  The permission will remain active until the end of Add/Drop.  Please see How to Obtain a Permission/Override for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: Faculty grant permission only - students register.


Permissions Process



Writing 5 Sections

If you are required to take Writing 5, the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric (IWR) determines which term you will take Writing 5. Your placement will be visible in the placement results section of BannerStudent, and is also visible to your first-year advisor. Please use those resources to determine when you will need to take Writing 5.

Additionally, some students may be required to take the Writing 2-3 series. Students placed into Writing 2 are pre-enrolled for the course, and do not need to register for it. Please refer to the IWR website for more details on the Writing Program. As with your other courses, please discuss the selection of Writing 5 sections with your advisor. Please note that within the Course Registration system on BannerStudent, there will be messaging displayed reminding you to elect a Writing 5 section, depending on your placement. See examples below.

Please note that all Writing 5 sections have an enrollment cap of 16 which the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric strictly enforces, therefore they are not eligible for enrollment overrides.  If you have any questions about Writing 5 sections, please see the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.


If you are placed into this type of course…

Take this action:

Writing 2 You have been pre-enrolled and no action is necessary
Writing 5 Choose a Writing 5 section in consultation your advisor. See
details below



Banner checks prerequisites before you gain entry into a course for the following departments only: Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, French and Italian Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Public Policy, Studio Art and Mathematics. Regardless of whether a department/program is using Banner prerequisite checking, students must adhere to the prerequisites listed in the ORC/Catalog for all courses.


Instructions for using BannerStudent

For detailed instructions on these steps, please refer to the Instructions for using BannerStudent.

The Chrome web browser is not compatible with certain Banner functions, so please use a different browser.

Step 1 – Log into BannerStudent - Undergraduate Main Menu

Banner link for Course Registration

Step 2 - Select the term for which you are electing courses

NOTE: some Registration periods overlap

Select Term

Step 3 - Search for courses using the Course Search button

Course Search

Step 4 - Using the Timetable, locate the courses you wish to elect using either Subject Area(s) or General Education Requirements buttons

 Search Timetable by Subj or Gen Ed Requirements

HINT: Use the links to the schedule diagram, credit/no credit courses, and Prerequisite Checking to make more informed decisions about course elections.

Step 5 - Select the Subject Area(s) using the checkboxes then select the Search for Courses button

NOTE: If you are required to take Writing 5, the following message will be presented

Writing Requirement Message

and the Writing selection will be checked automatically.

Writing pre selected checkbox


Select Subject Areas then Click Search for Courses 

Step 6 – Elect your courses using the checkboxes

Required WRIT courses are automatically highlighted in the Timetable results.

Writing Highlighted timetable


Then click  add courses to worksheet to add the courses to your worksheet.

Step 7 - Once the CRN has been added to your worksheet, select Submit Changes

HINT: Do not type the CRN directly into the worksheet. Use the checkboxes in the Timetable to carry the numbers into your worksheet.

Submit Changes to Worksheet

NOTE: You can elect more than one course at a time with a maximum of three. You can add a fourth course during Add/Drop should you choose to take a four course load. 

Step 8 – You have successfully elected your course(s) !

 Course Schedule and how to drop via web

Wait until the course election priority processing period ends, and then check your schedule to see if you gained entry

Step 9 – If you did not gain entry into your preferred courses, you may make changes during both the course changes and add/drop periods.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about Course Registration

If you receive an error, please check the listing of error messages.

Last Updated: 7/10/17