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About Online Course Assessment

Dartmouth College replaced its paper-based course assessment process with a web-based course assessment program in 2006. Online Course Assessment is designed so that no one's identity may be tracked.

The student questionnaires are available on the Bannerstudent Undergraduate Main Menu. All students complete the assessment for most courses, excluding Off-campus, Independent Study, Honors, Research and Thesis courses. Some departments/programs may ask students to complete a paper form in addition to the web form.

Students are required to assess all courses before they can see grades online. Professors will have access to completed assessments for classes they taught only after they have turned in all grades for the term.

What is Online Course Assessment?

Course Assessment is a web-based system that allows students to assess courses they have taken at Dartmouth College, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Course assessment is required for most courses. Summarized results are made available to course instructors and the appropriate department/program chairs and academic deans.

What does the assessment form look like?

The course assessment form contains a standard set of questions that all participating schools at Dartmouth have agreed upon. The questionnaire has been under development in Arts & Sciences for the past two years. Click here to see a sample form.

What is the format of the assessment form?

The online assessment form is customized for the course being assessed. The form has at least three sections and at most five sections. If the course has an associated lab or discussion section, then there will be a fourth section with a question about the lab or discussion section. If the course has multiple instructors, then there will be a separate third section for each instructor. If the department/program or instructor has requested additional questions, then there will be a final section with the additional questions relevant to the course. The sections are as follows:

  • Student Background
  • Course Design and Effectiveness
  • Faculty
  • Lab and/or Discussion. This section is only available if the course has an associated lab or discussion group.
  • Student Initiated
  • Optional section for department/program or course specific questions.

Will the questions be the same for all of my courses?

Yes, all questions in the first four sections are identical. Some departments/programs and instructors may add questions to the questionnaire, which will appear in a final section.

Who came up with the questions on the assessment form?

In consultation with the chairs of departments/programs and members of the Committees on Priorities, Instruction, and Faculty, members of the Student Assembly, and members of the Graduate Student Council, DCAL, and senior Dartmouth administrators, the Dean of the Faculty and Associate Deans developed the questions and format for the questionnaire. All changes to the form are subject to review and approval by the academic deans working in consultation with the faculty.

Who is required to complete an online course assessment?

No one is required to complete an on-line course assessment.  However, to see your grades online immediately, you will need to submit the course assessment form.

Why do I have to assess my courses?

This process is designed to give us more complete, accurate and confidential information about the quality of the courses and instruction being offered at Dartmouth. 


Last Updated: 6/25/15