Open Positions

If you would like to volunteer as a research assistant in the Reading Brains Lab, please contact us. We have a limited amount of space in the lab, but are happy to consider requests from interested students and teachers.

Paid Undergraduate Research Assistants
Dartmouth students interested in becoming a part-time paid research assistant in the Reading Brains Lab should contact Donna Coch. Please send by e-mail a résumé or curriculum vitae, a list of the relevant classes that you have taken, and a brief statement of interest. RA positions require at least a two-term (consecutive) commitment.
Open paid undergradute RA positions: please see Jobnet posting 13293.

Paid Research Assistants
Open paid RA positions: none currently

Presidential Scholars
If you are eligible for the Presidential Scholars Program, please see the description of the project in the Reading Brains Lab in the Presidential Scholars on-line Assistantship database and schedule an interview with Donna Coch. Open Presidential Scholar position: expected for 2015-2016

Women in Science Project (WISP)
We are involved in the WISP First-Year Internship Program. If you are a woman in your first year of college at Dartmouth and are interested in developmental cognitive neuroscience and connections between brain science and education, consider becoming an intern in the Reading Brains Lab through participation in the WISP program.
Open WISP First-Year Intern position: for 2014-2015

Sophomore Science Scholars Program
We are involved in the Sophomore Science Scholars Program. Through this program, one component of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Science Education Program, students may apply for a Scholarship in the Spring term of their first year for research experience during two terms of their sophomore year. Competitive applications are reviewed by the Undergraduate Advising & Research Office.
Open Sophomore Science Scholars position: expected for 2015-2016


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