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Scheduling of Parallel Loops


N= number of iterations of the parallel loop
P= number of threads
C=user-specified chunk size
Name Type Chunk Chunk Size # of Chunks Static or Dynamic Computer Overhead
Simple Static simple no N/P P static lowest
Interleaved simple yes C N/C static low
Simple Dynamic dynamic optional C N/C dynamic medium
Guided guided optional decreasing from N/P fewer than N/C dynamic high
Runtime runtime no varies varies varies varies

/* C/C++ Example */

#pragma omp parallel for schedule(dynamic) private(tmp, i, j, k)
for (i=0; i<Ndim; i++){
for (j=0; j<Mdim; j++){
tmp = 0.0;
tmp += *(A+(i*Ndim+k)) * *(B+(k*Pdim+j));
*(C+(i*Ndim+j)) = tmp;

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