PSL Members

Left to right: Masha Yamburenko, Yan Zubo, Rob Worthen, Jennifer Conrad, Muneeza Iqbal, Eric Schaller, Erin Schoemaker, Ian Street


G. Eric Schaller - Principal Investigator

Eric received his B.S. in Biochemistry from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with Mike Sussman on proton-pumping ATPases and calcium-dependent protein kinases of plants. He worked as a post-doctoral research with Tony Bleecker at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying ethylene receptors and receptor-like protein kinases in Arabidopsis. He established his own laboratory at the University of New Hampshire in 1996, moving to Dartmouth College in 2003.


Ian Street - Post-Doctoral Scholar

Plant Molecular/developmental biologist. Educator. Attempting to be a communicator of science & sci. culture. Whovian. Follow me on twitter @IHStreet  


Yan Zubo - Post-Doctoral Scholar


Masha Yamburenko - Post-Doctoral Scholar



Jennifer Conrad - Graduate Student

I am an MCB graduate student in the Schaller lab. I began my thesis work in 2012 and am currently researching the cytokinin signaling pathway in rice (Oryza sativa). Specifically, my research focuses on type-b response regulators (RRs). Type-B RRs are a class of transcription factor involved in the regulation of downstream responses to cytokinin. These proteins have been characterized in the model plant Arabidopsis, but have not yet been characterized in rice. My thesis research aims to characterize these transcription factors in rice with the ultimate goal of modulating grain yield in an important crop species.


Erin Shoemaker - Graduate Student

I received my BS in Biology from Misericordia University in Pennsylvania and then began my PhD work in the Molecular and Cell Biology program in 2011. I am studying the regulation of a key transcription factor involved in cytokinin signaling. Plants respond to the phytohormone cytokinin using a modified two-component signaling system called the multistep phospho-relay. We understand the role of type-B Response Regulators in this system, so I seek to understand the regulation of these components, specifically through phosphorylation. I am deeply interested in science outreach, policy and education in addition to my love of research. Webmaster.


Muneeza Iqbal - Visiting Graduate Student

I am one of a group of students from Pakistan, lead by Dr. Samina, working turn by turn in PSL to explore ethylene signaling pathways in Arabidopsis. We are looking forward to unleashing further aspects of ethylene related responses in plants.


Robert Worthen - Research Assistant

I am the Schaller lab combination lab tech / research assistant. I graduated from Green Mountain College in Vermont with a bachelor of science in Biology in 2010, and have been with the lab since April of 2013.

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