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Postdoctoral scholars comprise a vital and significant part of the academic community. While some postdocs are well supported in their academic/career/personal endeavors, others find themselves struggling to find a place within academia. Oftentimes, many institutions consider postdocs neither "students" nor regular employees nor "faculty". This nebulous institutional status oftentimes results in neglect and oversight of the postdoc's career and professional needs.

The purpose of the DCPDA is to give each and every postdoc an opportunity to succeed according to their individual wants and needs, whether it is to increase their network, participate in social activities, or benefit from the training/career enhancement seminars the association will plan and/or sponsor. Equipping postdocs with the tools needed to find and obtain satisfying and fulfilling careers within or outside of academia is one of the goals of the DCPDA.

By fostering institutional recognition of 1) postdocs as a group associated with the College and 2) of our individual training and professional development needs, we hope to create a centralized resource for postdocs to find job information and career resources needed to succeed within and outside of academia.



Last Updated: 7/22/13