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History of Dartmouth College Postdoc Association

Before 2008, aside from the resources provided by DCAL and the work that Cindy Tobery had done with postdocs, the College still lacked a centralized resource specifically intended to meet the needs of postdocs. Melanie Rutkowski, the group's founder, set out to establish an institutionally recognized society where postdocs could network, share professional experiences, and receive professional training and counseling for academic and non-academic career options. With the assistance of Elizabeth Bankert, from the Provost Office, and Cindy Tobery, from DCAL, the DCPDA was created.

The newly established association held its kick-off reception in October of 2008, with nearly 1/3 of the total postdocs at Dartmouth College in attendance. On November 14th 2008, approximately 40 postdocs met from various departments and elected officers to represent the DCPDA (President, Melanie Rutkowski; President Elect, Guido Memmi; Vice President, Kristine Hill; Secretary, Maroun Beyrouthy; Treasurer, Joshua Gamsby; Social Chair Heads, Danica Hickey and Louise Hughes; Career Development Heads, Sandeep Tamber and Dhana Nair; Community Service Heads, Hao Xu and Ian Street).

The elected officers pledged to work hard, increasing the College's awareness of postdocs and their individual needs. The DCPDA aims to aid in the professional development of its members, foster a sense of community and identity among them, and enhance their overall experience at Dartmouth College. With a main focus on career and professional development workshops, the DCPDA hopes to equip postdocs with the tools needed to find and obtain satisfying and fulfilling careers within or outside of academia.


Last Updated: 7/22/13