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Immigration Working Group

For immigration-related news and updates, please visit the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) website. For information specific to recent immigration policy changes, please visit the FAQ page regularly updated by OVIS.


The purpose of the Immigration Working Group is to share information, provide communication and resources, and identify needs of Dartmouth students, faculty and staff in the face of changing federal policies regarding immigration-related matters. Any issues or questions identified by this group that require policy decisions will be conveyed to leaders of the relevant areas of Dartmouth.

Working Group Chairs

  • Denise Anthony, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives
  • Susan Ellison, Director of the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS)


President's Division

  • General Counsel: Robert Donin
  • Office of Visa & Immigration Services (OVIS): Susan Ellison
  • Communications: Justin Anderson, Diana Lawrence
  • President's Office: Laura Hercod

Provost's Division

  • Provost's Office: Denise Anthony, Martha Austin, Aileen Lem, Laurel Stavis
  • Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE): Evelynn Ellis
  • Admissions & Financial Aid: Lee Coffin, G. Dino Koff
  • Dickey Center: Amy Newcomb
  • Library: Jill Baron

Dean of the College & Student Affairs

  • Dean of the College: Rebecca Biron
  • Student Affairs: Elizabeth Agosto
  • Tucker Center: Daveen Litwin
  • Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL): Danielle Hussey

Arts & Sciences

  • Dean of the Faculty & International Studies: N. Bruce Duthu
  • Off-Campus Programs: John Tansey, Jonathan Sylvia

Graduate and Professional Schools

  • Graduate Studies: Gary Hutchins
  • Geisel School: Greg Ogrinc
  • Thayer School: Holly Wilkinson, Candace Potter
  • Tuck School: Praveen Kopalle, Lisa Miller


  • Alumni Affairs: Martha Beattie


  • Human Resources: Scot Bemis


Last Updated: 3/27/17