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Carolyn Dever

As Dartmouth’s Chief Academic Officer, Carolyn Dever is instrumental in long-range institutional planning and implementation, creating and overseeing programs that ensure Dartmouth’s academic excellence.  She came to Dartmouth from Vanderbilt University, where she served as Dean of the College of Arts and Science and, earlier, as Executive Dean of the College.  Appointed Provost in January 2014, Dever brings to Dartmouth more than a decade of leadership experience in higher education administration,  a strong commitment to teaching, and a record of academic accomplishment.

Dever is also Professor of English at Dartmouth. A scholar of gender studies and 19th-century British literature and culture, she is the author of two books, Death and the Mother from Dickens to Freud (Cambridge), and Skeptical Feminism: Activist Theory, Activist Practice  (Minnesota). She is also the editor of  The Literary Channel: The Inter-National Invention of the Novel (Princeton), and The Cambridge  Companion  to Anthony Trollope (Cambridge). Her current work focuses on the collaborative journals of the Victorian poets, “Michael Field,”  a pseudonym adopted by 19th century British authors Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper. 

Dever is a graduate of Boston College and holds MA and PhD degrees in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University.  Prior to joining the Vanderbilt faculty, she was a faculty member at NYU where she received the University’s “Golden Dozen”  award for undergraduate teaching.


The Provost is responsible for overseeing the overall academic integrity of the entire institution. In consultation with faculty, officers and Trustees, the Provost is responsible for all strategic plans and initiatives, particularly those that transcend a single faculty, and for coordinating institutional academic, financial and facilities planning.

Working with the academic deans, the Provost also is responsible for supporting and advancing the programs, the teaching, and the scholarship of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Tuck School of Business, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Geisel School of Medicine. The appropriate Deans have full operating responsibility in each case.

The Provost serves as the chair of the Budget Committee, and has major responsibility for setting budget priorities and developing a strategic financial plan.

The Provost also coordinates support of the research infrastructure and is responsible for coordinating government relations activities.

A number of offices, support centers, and programs report to the Provost:

The Provost is the Dartmouth officer responsible for coordinating the College's relationship with the University Press of New England.

The Provost serves as a member of the trustee Committees on Facilities (ex-officio, agenda officer), Academic Affairs (ex-officio, agenda officer), Medical School (ex-officio), Thayer School (ex-officio), Tuck School (ex-officio), Finance (ex-officio), Student Affairs (guest) and Development (guest).

Last Updated: 8/31/17