Patronymics (family names) from the headstones by sector

Below is a list of the names that were legible on the headstones, and the corresponding stone.

In order to find a view a headstone, search the list of names in the Patronymic lists and identify the "Headstone No". Then go to the Headstone page, select the headstone in the correct sector, and click on GO.

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A Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No
Abrahmson Dobre Zlate A9
Arstein Eliyahu A20
Azapowitz Dov A7
Bainas[1] Sarah Rachel A38
Behrman Hayah A10
Benzion[2] Shmuel A41
Berkawar[3] Shlomo Tzvi A15
Chosid Shneer Zalman A50
Chosid Aaron A50
Choas[4] Reuven A42
Elbaum Israel Mordechai A29
Feinberg Sarah A21
Feinberg Shlomo Lev A25
Feinberg Yosef Dov A26
Fiedler A.M. (1940) A2
Fiedler David Dov (1927) A6
Galbartzki Yisrael Yosef Halevi A17
Haslkovitz Joshua Hesel A4
Latushavitz Mordechai b’r Shlomo A18
Kabalkavski Hannah Freida A30
Kaplan Rachel Leah A8
Kolisar Pinchas A22
Leviton Sarah A26
Leviton Tzvi Zalman A26
Michalovska Divorah Rivkah A56
Nerunah Rachel A49
Palvin Meier Shraga A13
Polarawitz Jacob A5
Polarawitz Joseph A43
Rachtzah Henna Rivka A41
Rachtzah Moses Menachem [5] A39
Rachtzah Sarah Rachel A38
Rachtzah Shagra  A38
Rachtzah Riklah Hannah A32
Rosen Isaac  A19
Rosen Sarah Balah A55
Shapiro Shraga A40
Smolovitz Shanah Malkah A1
Weitzman Blumah A11
Waldislavivaski* Toibah A3
Werbilovski Avraham Akivah A24
Yablonski Miriam Devorah A26
Yafo (Yapo) Hannah Riklah A33
Zarnitzki[6] Abraham Isaac A16
Zapolski Shaynah Baylah A28

A Sector Patronymic Notes:

[1] Bainas is Sarah Rachel Rachtzah’s maiden name
[2] Benzion could be a middle name or last name, hence its inclusion. He is the father of Henna Rivka, who married a Rachtzah
[3] Shlomo Berkawar and Abraham Sarnitzki both drowned together while swimming in the ‘river (presumably the Nieman). See Sarnitzki Headstone at A16
[4] Alternative spelling, see A42.
[5] He was the son of Shagra and Sarah Rachel and died 7 years after they had passed away
[6] See Footnote No.1

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B Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No.
Abrahamson Isaac B4
Alperovitz Isaac David B8
Anschel Eliyahu B33
Azapowitz[1] Yisrael B127
Bernstein[2] Hetzelah  B30
Behrman Hasyah B28
Behrman Rachel B54
Berkowar Hannah B16
Berkovar Betzallel B22
Berolovitz Sarah Freida B27
Borski Moses B107
Chaiimowski Ruchama B3.1
Epstein Jacob B82
Feinberg[3] David B67
Feinberg[4] Rafael B44
Feinberg[5] Joel Zalkin B73
Galgishar Judah B123
Haselkovitz Shanah B18
Jablonsky Davd Solomon B95
Joselit Faige Yente B31
Joselit Jacob B94
Kaplan Joseph B5
Kerem Rachel B1
Krelitz Leah B125
Krom[6] Rachel B1
Kushner Eliyahu B12
Levine[7] Peshah B23
Levine[8] Yehudit B19
Levine Israel David B10
Levinsohn Pesiah B92
Lewin[9] Yehudit B19
Lotaman Jacob B14
Lovine[10] Peshah B23
Lovitz[11] Dov Ber B25
Lewinson Deborah B138(?) 
Mast Yisrael Isaac B9
Naividal Shmuel B93
Palman Tzvi Yehudah B21
Pearlman Faigah Malkah B20
Pollack Ruuach[13] B133
Rosenfeld Aron B3
Rabinowitz Hindah Rachel B91
Rotwein[15] Faigah Malkah B20
Saron Gilah Raizah B90
Shapira Eleazer B34
Shapirik Yitzchak B84
Shapiro Miriam B17
Shevi[16] Israel B51
Singerman Sarah pesche B24
Sondelowitz Devorah B87
Sondelowitz[17] Hitzlah B30
Soundelowitz Judah Lev B35
Sondelowitz David B76
Urbach Shmuel B83
Walim Yechezkel B122
[Washlin][18] Abraham Tzvi B40
Welantzik Avraham Wilantzik B32
Werbelovski Gershon B11
Wilnar[19] Shalom B102
Wolnar Shalom B102
Yafo Yaakov B6
Yafo Yitzchak B26
Yazapovine[20] Dov Ber B29
Zalkinber[g][21] David B67
Zalkin Joel B76

B Sector Patronymic Notes:

[1] Possible lettering before the “aleph.” Father’s name is Tzvi Hersch
[2] See married name Zondolovitz below
[3] See explanation at B68
[4] There is a beautiful poem at the bottom of this stone which may be in Yiddish. Not all letters are readable.
[5] The last name is clearly Feinberg. There are families in the United States who bear the name Zalkin
[6] An alternative spelling is Kerem
[7] See alternative spelling Loveen
[8] See alternative spelling of Lewin below
[9] See alternative spelling of Levine above
[10] See alternative spelling of Levine above
[11] The first letters of the last name are unreadable. See Stone No. B25
[12] Flag is unreadable
[13] Unusual first name resh, vav,vav, chet
[14] No flag as this stone was unearthed [Slide no 6587 and 6588]
[15] Rotwine was the name of the town where Faiga Malkah was from
[16] Unclear from stone whether or not this is a patroynmic
[17] See maiden name listing of Bernstein
[18] Reader is encouraged to examine stone B39. Patronymic unclear
[19] See entry immediately below for alternative reading
[20] Because of the unusual last name, the reader is encouraged to view the actual stone. The transcriber believes that there may be missing letters at the beginning, such that the yud which is the first visible letter represents the preceding long “hiriq” which makes a long e sound.
[21] See explanation of Stone No. B68

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C Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No.
Alperovitz Bluma C7   
Bakbag Hayah C21 
Bambag Hayah C21 
Kabalkovski Hayah C21 
Koshalovitz C28 
Lewinson Israel C8   
Mintzer Avraham C19 
Shaitovitz [             ] C23 
Shebach[1] Hayyah C2   
Werbelovski Sarah C6   

C Sector Notes:

[1] It is unclear from the image whether the 2nd word is Shebach or Sarah, such that her name is either Hayyah Shebach or Hayyah Sarah.

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D Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name  Headstone No.
Balcher Aaron the son Tzvi D13
Chaimovski Ruchama D 3.1
Yatzchantan Leibah D16

E Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No. 
Kosolovitch Menachem Mendel E50
Lewinson Isaac E41
Pollack Hindah Tzirlah E16
Finberg Nachum Yaakov E25
Kogan Rachel E28
Mintzer Sarah E27
Zidar Hayah Yenteh E7(?)
Freeman Risa Gita E38

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F Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name  Headstone No.
Borski Reuven F12
Aronson Sarah Hindah F1
Chaiken[1] Dubar the son Of R Yitzcak F8
Joelsohn[2] Sophie the daughter Of  David Avraham F15
Karabalnik[3] Riklah F17
Karabalnik Jonah F18
Karabalnik Yisrael Natan F18
Kogan Rachel L’Batyah Daughter of R Nachum F28
Lewinson Sarah daughter of R Dubar F6
Lincoln[4] R Yakir the son off R Israel David F28a
Mintzer Sarah the daughter of Avraham F27
Mintzer Avraham[5] F27
No Number Orman Sleiman
Sondelowitz[7] David Abraham F15
Tas[8] Dov the son of Nachum Mordechai F28c
Tumim[9] Hayah F16
Yankelowitz Ben Zion the son Of Noach F14

F Sector Patronymic Notes:

[1] The stone seems to depict a “Shin” but other possibilities could include a Resh which might make the stone read Raivkin or Rivkin. We invite your feedback that includes other alternative readings
[2] Avraham’s last name as indicated on the headstone is Sondelowitz
[3] These people are all related. Riklah married Jonah who predeceased him by three years. They are buried next to each other. On Jonah’s matzevah (marker) , his father’s name, Israel Natan, appears.
[4] The Hebrew is unclear. The letters appear to be lamed-yud-nun (possibly a gimel)-kaf (other possibilities could include a peh and a bet).
[5] The father of Sarah
[6] Note burial date of 1938 [three years before the invasion]
[7] Appears as the father of Sophie Joehlson
[8] Other possible readings include Mas and As (first letter unclear)
[9] It is very possible that Tumim is simply a middle name, but because it is somewhat unusual I have included it as a possible patronymic in hopes that someone might have known her/ or her family because of its rarity as a middle name.

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G Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No.
Bernstein Wolf G10
Bernstein[1] Yenteh Kreinah G15
Feinberg Henneh Malkah G38
Gitelman Yenteh Kreinah G15 
[Gutman] Lev Kapalow G46
Kapalow Shaitl G37
Lewinson Raisah the Daughter of Israel G36
Rabinowitz Dov Ber the Son of Josef G2
Rabinowitz Haye Sarah Wife of Judah G3
Rabinowitz Yitzchak the[2] Son of Judah G11
Ramah Faigah G35
Rikler Kaina Rachel G47
Rikler[3] Rahel G48
Salanter R Yitzchak G27
Saltz Dov Ber the Son of Aharon G1
Sondolowitz Shomrei Tuvyah the son of Zalkind Zev G14
Sondolowitz Sisah Mushah G16
Taditz [4] Tzviyah G29
Werbelowski Ida G35
Yalowitz Avraham and Tovah Leah G45

G Sector Patronymic Notes:

[1] Both patronymics, Bernstein and Gitelman, appear on this stone (G15)
[2] Seems as though Yitzchak’s mother was Haye Sarah
[3] Backside of Stone G47
[4] The tav could also be read as a chet, thus making it Chaditz.

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H Sector Patronymics:

Last Name First Name Headstone No.
Egonska Eliyahu H15
Eisenberg Yisrael Moseh The son of Dov Yitzchak H38
Evonoski Etah Rainah H16
Kabelkovski Shmuel the son Of Shlomo H39
Levitz Hashah H37
Levitz Eliezer H37
Lovitz Hashah H37
Lovitz Eliezer H37
Mariashah[1] [  ] the daughter Of R. Josef H24
Paretz[2] Sarah the daughter Of Naphtali H14
Polaravitz Hirisah H7
Polaravitz Rivkah H7
Polaravitz Jacob H7
Pollack[3] [Achtat daughter Of [Yisrael] H43
Shamashowitz Miriam Hadah H35
Shashowitz Eliezer H35

H Sector Patronymics Notes:

[1] The ‘mem’ could be indicative of where she lived (or was born) prior to coming to Yurburg. It could be a town by the name of Ariashov
[2] Other possible readings are Saretz or Karetz
[3] Not entirely certain. Further study warranted

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