For me the most moving experience of the trip was Auschwitz. I had read and heard about it, but never, before actually visiting the site, had I imagined the extent of the horror. I vividly remember the children’s barrack and their paintings on the barrack walls.  I wondered why these children had to suffer in the worst possible ways. For some reason, I keep trying to imagine what the children must have felt when their innocence was met only with hatred, disgust and death. And I wonder why God let it happen.

            The trip to Auschwitz made me question God probably for the first time in my life. It's not his existence that I am confused about. What bothers me is, if he does exist, how can he passively witness/allow such deeds? It is much easier to accept the death of an adult than an innocent child. So I guess my question is, if God is great and merciful, why did he not, at the very least, spare the children?

Fahmi Enam ‘08