Over the course of two weeks, around two dozen Dartmouth students and faculty stayed in Lunna with local families and worked daily to restore the cemetery that had long ago begun falling apart.

These students and staff learned a great deal about the people of Lunna and the Jewish history there.  Below are some of the thoughts of the participants in the restoration project.


A Rabbi’s Understanding of Resurrection:  Isaiah 58:9-14
      A sermon delivered at the United Church of Christ, November 13, 2005, by Rabbi Edward S. Boraz


Reflections of Trip Participants:

Trip Advisors   Students    

Carla Bailey
     Advisor to the Trip

Edward S. Boraz, Ph.D.
     Michael Steinberg ’61 Rabbi
     of Dartmouth College Hillel

Jim Fornari
     Photographer on the trip

Ethan Levine
     Dartmouth ’03 Th’05
     Advisor to the Trip

  Elysa Corin
     Dartmouth ‘08

Ariel Eckstein
     Dartmouth ‘07

Michael J. Ellis
and Bennat Berger
     Dartmouth ’06s

Danny Ellman
     Dartmouth ’06

Fahmi Enam
     Dartmouth ‘08

Lydia Gensheimer
     Dartmouth ‘06

Madeline Hwang
     Dartmouth ‘05

Andrew Klein
     Dartmouth ’08

Rebecca Kurzweil
     Dartmouth ‘03

Tatyana Liskovich
     Dartmouth ’08

Jason Reid
     Dartmouth ’08

Nathaniel Reimers
     Dartmouth ‘04

Ashia Sheikh
     Dartmouth ‘08

Yan Shurin
     Dartmouth '08

Mariana Spanos
     Dartmouth ‘08

Nora Ward
     Dartmouth '08

Cordelia Zuckerman
     Dartmouth ’06