Below is a table of every name we could lift from the headstones, and where the grave is located in the cemetery.  The first table is organized by the English last name on each headstone, while the second table is in order of the English transliteration of the Hebrew name.  Also in each table is the quadrant on the map that the headstone is located, and the number the headstone is catalogued under.

Click on the link to the picture to see the headstone up close.

Table of English-Transliterated Names

Last Name

First Name

Date of Death Location of Stone on Map Link to Photo of Headstone
Alperin Tzi bar Samuel     Slide # 26/
Frodmaj[?] Yenteh b. Mordechai Moshe     Headstone #277
Galinsky Shabtai b. Ariv     Headstone #5
Getzbauer[?] Raisel  b. R. Shimon     Headstone #48
Getzlov[?]  Hannah Sarah b. R.    

Headstone #35

Gilranpanig Modeh b. Dov     Headstone #156
Isaac Dov b. David     Headstone #278
Isaac Noah b. Zev     Headstone #186
Kadish Yerucham b. Kayeem     Headstone #191
Kalman Sarah Bashah     Headstone #324
from city of [Kobrin]

Noach b. [Moses]

    Headstone #191
Krinski  Mordechai b. Baruch     Headstone #4
Lov Marsha b. [        ]    

Headstone #24

Low R. Shmirah  b. / Yisrael the Levi     Headstone #141
Malski Hannah b. R. / Avraham[Pamach]     Headstone #202
Malski R. Moshe HaCohen     Headstone #113
Marzinowski Yisrael b. Yehoshuah     Headstone #1
Mipalyov Shimon b. Tzvi          Headstone #129

The Pious One R. Shmuel the son of Mordechai

    Headstone #270
Pinkokovitch Marshala b Yehudah     Headstone #325
Rabinov Yehudit b. Yekutiel              Headstone #309
Rabkin Nachum b. Yekutiel     Headstone #231
Raines Faigah b. Aaron     Headstone #312
Raskin (Ruskin) Tazvi b. Yehudah     Headstone #271

Midnah Shifrah b. Mordechai

    Headstone #307
Savitinsky Eli Yitzchak     Headstone #72

Chayah Menuchah b. R. Joseph

    Headstone #275
Welbel Elkeh b. R. Simchah     Headstone #40

R. Abraham b. Moses Yehezkel the Cohen

    Headstone #6

Faighel Rachel b. the wife of R. Moshe Yosef

    Headstone #207

Zev Aharon b. binyamin

    Headstone #180

Hannah Faigeh b. R. Hayim

    Headstone #240
Yosef Isaac     Headstone #154
Zaine (Saine

Lebah the wife of R. Yosef Moshe

    Headstone #197
Zaine (Saine)

Joseph Moshe b. Yaakov

    Headstone #205

Leah b. Moshe / Tzvi Cohen

    Headstone #308

Blumah b. R. Moshe Aryeh

    Headstone #56
Zapholofsky(?) Aaron b. Meier     Headstone #230


Set Two:

Hebrew Name in English Transliteration

Date of Death Location of Stone on Map Link to Photo of Headstone