The Jewish history at Lunna, Belarus, goes back hundreds of years, and until recently, a large part of that history was lost with the gradual deterioration of the cemetery. 

Each link below contains an insight into the history of Lunna, and more information will be added as it is collected.


Translation of the Jubilee Edition, a 1938 document of a Jewish Lunna Organization [Microsoft Word Document]
     This text was composed in 1938 by a Jewish Lunna organization entitled, "G'milut Hesed Kasa" (lit. "the act of loving-kindness fund"). The organization, as you will read, had been created 10 years earlier due to the deteriorating economic condition of the Jews of Lunna-Volla. This document was obtained from the archives of the American Joint Distribution Committee. This publication is entitled a "Jubilee Edition" and is likely a reference to the Jubilee year as noted in the Bible. The original text is in, at the request of Dartmouth College Hillel, has been translated into English by Mr. Mr. Nowogrodzki of New York, from whom we express our deepest gratitude.

Scans of a Hebrew document from Lunna
     This text will have a more detailed description in the future.

Scans of a second document from Lunna
    This text will be analyzed in the future and information about it will be provided.