Below is all the information that could be lifted from the headstone.  You can also search for the family names on other headstones on the Headstone Name Search page, and then clicking on the links on that page will bring you to a close-up view of the corresponding headstone.  

If possible, the transcribed Hebrew lifted from the headstone and its English translation are given below, plus any useful notes about the translation or history of the writing.

Headstone 204

Beginning with the third line, the first letter of each line is in bold. This spells the deceasedís name, Yitzchak the son of Yehezkel (Ezekiel).











And Isaac died and he was gathered to his people
Old and (his) days fully satisfied
The days of your life were a long chain
Suffering, hardship, affliction, and anguish
Your sons hold you so dear; they die facing you
your soul refused comfort
Your first child took his breast to feasting
Rabbis and the Great ones bound themselves in eulogizing his death
All the inhabitants of your city are clothed in sorrow and mourning
The moon is disgraced, the sun is ashamed
The mystical light of the firmament [is darkened] over your illness
Woe, how long will the heart cry out
How your endearing household [daughter] may she find comfort in the your mournful departing soul for unto where you are going
Departed the 7th of Adar in the year 5655 (1895)
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life

Transcription and Translation Copyright 2005 Rabbi Edward S. Boraz, Dartmouth College Hillel.