Below is all the information that could be lifted from the headstone.  You can also search for the family names on other headstones on the Headstone Name Search page, and then clicking on the links on that page will bring you to a close-up view of the corresponding headstone.  

If possible, the transcribed Hebrew lifted from the headstone and its English translation are given below, plus any useful notes about the translation or history of the writing.

Headstone 156








Here lies buried
an upright, God fearing (man)
And a charitable man
Modah the son of Dov
He departed on the 21st of Shevat
In the Year 569[5] (193[5])
May His Soul be Bound in the Bonds of Life

Some of the print is unclear. In talmudic literature a could be one who examines the witnesses for the declaration of the New Moon. It could also mean one who examines animals to determine whether they are Kosher. Otherwise, the meaning is unclear. It is possible that the as appears in the photo is a and that it is describing him as a very charitable person which, given the context of the previous line, seems more likely.