Below is all the information that could be lifted from the headstone.  You can also search for the family names on other headstones on the Headstone Name Search page, and then clicking on the links on that page will bring you to a close-up view of the corresponding headstone.  

If possible, the transcribed Hebrew lifted from the headstone and its English translation are given below, plus any useful notes about the translation or history of the writing.

Headstone 118








A Weeping Tree*
Here lies buried
R. Joshua the son of Nachum
The Cohen
A righteous, upright, and faithful man**
Distinguished in Torah and reverent
He taught and spread Torah to the people
That he departed on the eve of Rosh Hashanah
Of the Year 5681 (1921)

* The term is found at Genesis 35:8 where Jacob buried a nursemaid of Rachel. Scripture
refers to the place as a “a tree weeping.”

** The phrase “righteous, upright, and faithful man” a quote from Mishnah Avot 1.5. It provides that one who occupies himself with Torah for its own sake merits many reward. One is the necessary preparation to be righteous, pious, upright, and faithful.


Transcription and Translation Copyright 2005 Rabbi Edward S. Boraz, Dartmouth College Hillel.