to the website devoted to the restoration of the Jewish cemetery in Druzhkapol (now known as Zhuravnicheh) Ukraine. In June 2006, roughly 20 Dartmouth students and others traveled to the area to restore the cemetery that had been neglected for many years.

This website is devoted to documenting the restoration effort.  The following sections contain additional information:

  • Headstones - Photos and information about the stones
  • Photos - Pictures of the restoration of the cemetery, the dedication ceremony at the end of the trip, and additional trips the group took to the Auschwitz and Majdanek Death Camps
  • History / Memorial - A look at the history of the area and other general information
  • Artifacts - Some items found at the site
  • Participant Reflections - Thoughts about the trip and its effect on the group

Explore the site, and learn about Jewish European history.