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Sponsor-A-Panel Program

Lunna, Belarus


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For $200, you can sponsor a panel of the fence that we use to surround the cemetery grounds.


Alex Gelman '06, Project Leader from the 2004 trip

displays plaque affixed on Kamenka, Belarus cemetery



Donors for this year's fence thus far:


George Blumenthal '66




Below is a form letter from this year's project leader:



February 8, 2005


Dear Friend:


This June, twenty students and three advisors will travel under the auspices of Dartmouth Hillel and Dartmouth College to Belarus to erect a wrought-iron fence around a long-abandoned Jewish cemetery.  Prior to the Holocaust, Lunna, this year’s destination, was predominately Jewish.  Today, not a single Jew resides in Lunna and, to our knowledge, only three Jews of thousands survived the Holocaust.  The two local Jewish cemeteries are abandoned; overgrown weeds and toppled gravestones serve as distant reminders of a history long forgotten.  With the desecration of the two Lunna cemeteries, the link between generations was broken and the last remnant of a culture eradicated. 


We hope to honor the memories of those killed by restoring these cemeteries. As a team, we will sanctify a once vibrant Jewish community by demarcating the cemeteries from their surroundings, righting fallen gravestones, and beautifying the cemeteries’ grounds. We will also create detailed historical records of the Lunna cemeteries.


As a team we are raising funds to cover the cost of purchasing a wrought-iron fence, which we will then install.  The fence is made of panels, each spanning nine feet in length with two Stars of David, as shown in the attached brochure.  These panels, constructed in Belarus, will cost approximately $8,000 altogether.  We are looking for individuals, families and groups to sponsor the fence for $200 per panel.  We plan to erect a plaque next to the cemetery, listing all of the sponsors. For every panel donated, $100 will cover the cost of the actual panel and $100 will sponsor a student to attend the trip.  Of course, a donation of any amount would be extremely appreciated.


This summer will mark the fourth year for this service project.  In prior years we traveled to Kamenka, Amdur, and Sopotskin, all villages in Belarus, to conduct similar cemetery projects.  To view information, pictures and stories from the past project, please visit our website at www.dartmouth.edu/~projpreservation/.


If you wish to help fund and be an integral part of this restoration effort, please complete the attached form and return it with a check payable to Dartmouth Hillel (5 Occom Ridge; Hanover, NH 03755) by May 15th.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Lydia.Gensheimer@dartmouth.edu or call me at (603) 646-0410.


Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful contribution.




Lydia Gensheimer ’06

Project Leader




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